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to the moon

We could defy, defy, defy gravity
We could defy, defy, defy, gravity
We’re miles from the ground, who says we’re coming down 
If we defy, defy
of the masses
Relief replaced with silent disaster
But I won't fade away
No, I won't fade away

I defy, this hopelessness
I defy, your callousness
I defy
Oh yeah!

The fire it rages
It burns clear in the night
Illuminates the path before us
Now true our arrows strike

Defy, we heed the call
to shut me down
keeping me quiet by using fear
You can’t hold me down
when something’s wrong here
So we’ll going to defy
Defy you
There’s now nothing
one can save you now
Cast down where no mercy can be found
No willingness to bow to a king without a crown
Where the virtuous can't be found

I defy the odds
Swear to god
I swear to god
I defy the odds
I swear to god
Swear to god
One thing about me dawg
Yeah i defy the odds
I swear
Up on the downside
There's nothing left of you
No airs and no sides
The circumstance I defy, I defy, I defy, I defy, I defy
Tell my
follow uselessly
Abusing for the benefit of their own
Power hunger miscreating order
It’s all part of their business
It’s all above as below
Defy, Defy
Because you chose to be a liar
Defy and Defy
We only have one life
What about the afterlife
Where you'll live in a lie
Defy and Defy
We only have one life
Mhmm hmm
JemappelleChow mhmm wah
JemappelleChow mhmm wah
Man deh yah fi defy the odds
Nuff a them nah go like we now
Wholeheap a fight so we
In darkness we wait 
The fallen and lost 
The scorned and betrayed 
Unforgiven transgressions 

We were born to 
Defy the sun 
We were born to 
and all that you didn't
All that you said and all that you wouldn't
Deny, I deny it
Defy, everything, oh
All that we were and all that we called up
Compromise thy
Never gave a fuck about your sorry pity ass
Use my music as a weapon as I devour your fate
Devour your fate

Defy the ones that
Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Can't defy, 'cause I'll never be quiet
Let's start this

You spend a buck in the 80's, whatcha you get is
the warmness of your soul away 

I divide you with faith
Provide you your soul
Defy you to love
I divide you with your faith
I provide you with your soul
I defy
no mind
I stayed on my grind
Took it one day at a time
I decided to defy defty defy
Said I wasn't good enough
Said I shouldn't try
I decided to defy
Don't hear what they say to me
Say to me
Say to me, eh
Defy it like gravity
Gravity, eh
Spend all your Sundays with me
Days with me
Days with
We'll defy gravity
We'll kiss the clouds
We'll defy gravity
We won't fall down
We'll defy gravity

Elegant mistakes, succulent success
Innocent ducks
on your knees and pray
You're gonna like this
You're gonna like this

I got you feeling like

You, you and I defy gravity
You, you and I defy gravity
Sweet words won't stop me
From cursing you again and again
My cold heart won't feel a thing when I defy, defy
You. Why do you fight my defiance, my
better write this down (Defy you) 
We assemble it all and then we tear it away (Defy you) 
We assemble it all and then we tear it away 

(You wrote in
Because the ship has sailed they left me covered in your gust
Defy me
Tread in circles at my door
Come fight me
Until the first stone hits the floor
Obey me or defy me boys (Holy ground)
This is holy ground (This is holy ground)
This is holy ground (This is holy ground)
Obey me or defy me boys
And the only way to go
Is defy, is defy, is defy

To belong here, to belong here, to belong here 
I'm giving up my soul
To belong, to belong,

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