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the girl from round my way
Came and took me by the hand
And a long time since I came around

I can remember
When I stood on my head
And walking
to fall
The daylight has long since gone
But a new dawn has yet to come

Seems like I'm falling deeper, deeper inside myself
Feels like I'm growing
- Annie's Song album. It has also been released on The John Denver Collection - Calypso album, as a live version.

The world is fast becoming younger
and it's killing me
I don't know how long I'll last

I'm six feet deeper and I can't dig my way out, she got me buried so low
It's cheaper to keep her six
I know Oscar Wilde said,
"To love oneself is the beginning
Of a life long romance."

Love is deeper than loneliness
Love is nature at its best
It’s a long road down the river deep ‘n wild 
Every twist and turn a wonder-dale 
It’s a scary ride we’d give anything to take 
Let yourself bleed
It’s a long road down the river deep ‘n wild 
Every twist and turn a wonder-dale 
It’s a scary ride we’d give anything to take 
Let yourself bleed
held me like a tundra
Shifting blocks of ice, pulling asunder
Come a little closer, you’re in for a long haul
Because the water gets deeper
It's not how you're thinking
Like you've been right
You've been living a trade-off
Believe your own version
Believe your enslavery and drain out
The love for you I feel
(Digging deeper and deeper again)

I've waited for so long and I won't wait one minute more
To have you by my side
(Back into my
left in

And the crossing is over where the righteous remain
In the memory it's deeper, survived by a name
The rest is sufficient, a midnight
start to think that you might be the one
It's getting stronger... 

Night by night 
I get deeper into you
Every moment gets us closer to love 
Baby, day
on by
In a long slow dance with you
Crazy how you keep on leading me boy
To a place beyond taboo
You're a cool persuader
Hey don't you have no shame
Love don't get deeper than this

When I was young and my daddy was gone 
I'd go to sleep with the radio on
And sometimes they'd played such
couldn't hide form myself
An' if I push my wig back, then I die by myself
'Cause it gets

Deeper an' deeper
With every move I make I'm fallin'
Deeper an'
Written by billy burnette and larry henley.

Gone again somebody help me I'm
Sinkin' in
Deeper this time than I've ever been
Ooh baby I'm gone again
goes deeper in
Nothing remains of where it's been
Pull the petals one by one
Finally they're all gone

Sliding backwards down the slope
By knowin' you're in love...
No more, handing out hands of solitaire
And no more, New Year's Eve with the evening news
No more blues...No
Winter in the city The year is running dry New Year's resolutions 
So perfect in mind Gonna lose this blue addiction of mine Me, 
I work long hours
In Your Eyes

Seal no fate and hold no key
When all goes well spend some time remembering
Know by now that times have changed
But we feel each day
get a little deeper
If you slow down you might keep her
The sea, unforgiving and she's hard
But she'll make love to you
Show you glimpses

Long enough
'Till the stars turn out the lights
And time runs out of time
Baby, my love
Is truer than the simple truth
Is deeper than a well
and deeper
I bang these streets for all so long
Late night
Deeper and deeper
Uh, wit this game that I got, I can't go wrong
didn't know how long I'd go, until I ran out of time 

All my life, I've hurt the ones who cared
One by one, no loving heart was spared
I've been
So many different versions of a word that's been distorted
Twisted into something that it's not
Yeah love's just an expression, 
No I don't think

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