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They can't tame the lion 

One night in Detroit, yes I swear I saw you standing there 
In a summer of dreams down by the river you were there 
And now I'll take you to a realm yet unseen
Deep in the forest to a crimson tree
This is the place where a Lion died
His sacred pact with humanity
on the farm we'll be 
Swimming with the mother duck 
Deep in the mitten where 
Lions and tigers come running 
Just to steal your luck 

Life is my friend
on the farm we'll be 
Swimming with the mother duck 
Deep in the mitten where 
Lions and tigers come running 
Just to steal your luck 

Life is my friend
Raise you banners raise them high in your homeland hear the cry
From the battle turn home back to England to claim your throne
Six white horses you
me...Love me...You love me...

Like the Lion of Judah (Judah)
I strike my enemies down
As my God is living
Surely the trumpet will sound
just hanging around
But nobody's gonna love you unless you help tear down
Breakfast at the circus with the lions and the clowns

People walking

Should I grab you by the collar 
Or just go my way 
With a knife between my clean white teeth 
Don't want your feather in my cap 
Don't care
the gun-shy goddess of love came back to patch things up
She had a purple heart and mother's milk in a plastic cup
Singing, "One to lay you gently in
horses, you must ride
Loyal comrades by your side
Prince of lions, the second son
Through the darkness the king will come

Lion, lionheart
stick like glue
How to make 'em stick with you

Flannel graph lions, mounted and mean
The Prophet Daniel in between
Head toward heaven, sturdy
There's a place I gotta go
When the sun sets in the evening
It's the only love I know
Where the deep blue pearly waters
Wash upon white silver sands
shake our manes
In confusion

Should I grab you by the collar?
Or just go my way
With a knife between my
Clean white teeth?
Don't want your feather
a whisper in the reeds
I carved you in the floodplain

By the Phrygian Lion,
With his excellent eyesight,
At the gate of our love.

Under sweet
Leave a candle by his doorstep
With a snapshot of his face
Turn around and take a deep breath
On the first weekend of May

Keep a hair strand in
against a stone.
You will tread upon the lion and the cobra
You will trample the great lion and the serpent."

Young woman with a drink in her hand
The stars are so luminous and numerous tonight
Stirring that sense of wonder deep in me
A sky of the velvet springhood lavishly with light
And her footprints make you follow
Where the sky loves the sea

And when your fingers find her
She drowns you in her body
Carving deep blue ripples
the sun turn gold
In the morning love is healing
Warm the frost deep in my bones

The hunter sits on a pure white stallion
A hawk in flight bow in his
Blue smoke goes drifting by
Into the deep blue sky
And when I think of home
I sadly sigh

Oh I can see you there
With loving tears in your eyes
Black boys employ salassie
We kiss we define
White hands white hearts
The gender
How can I make you mine

Take me to God
In a world of blank
and your girl, with this record on your radio or stereo, I don't know
I love you so is what you'll be sayin, while this record's playin
You reminiscing
You might know of the original sin
You might know how to play with fire
But did you know of the murder committed
In the name of love you thought what
I’ve been the one
To shake with fear
And wonder if
You’re even here

I’ve been the one
To doubt Your love
I’ve told myself
You’re not enough

And as you're looking at me
It's a deep ecstasy
And no word is enough
Just shine the light in my eyes
And hypnotize me love

Turn me on (with your love