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And drop 'em in a teacup
Take 'em down to the riverside
And throw 'em over the side

To be swept up by a current
Then taken to the ocean
To be eaten by
There is a land not far from the ears of sound
The eyes of sight can't see
It's over the trees
You'll be there by tomorrow's breeze

few people get
they get the chance
And this is my chance

I get eaten by the worms
And weird fishes
Picked over by the worms
And weird fishes

Weird fishes
And drop 'em in a teacup
Take 'em down to the riverside
And throw 'em over the side

To be swept up by a current
Then taken to the ocean
To be eaten by some
and drop 'em in a teacup.
Take em down to the riverside,
And throw em over the east side
To be swept up by a current

And taken to the ocean
To be
Holidays of infanticide
Mistress of lust
Sold down the river
Exploited and eaten alive

One step over the line
Diseased by genital desire
in our own hypocrisy
Devoured by the mouths of all the things that we create
We thought we were creators, now we're eaten by our fate
I'm afraid for
When there's no place left to roam follow your heart to bring you home
If you've taken all and eaten you can take
You can lift your head and

of light in a moth eaten blanket held over the night
Out come the stars
Targets for wishes and satellite dishes in astronaut white
And drop them in a teacup
Take them down to the riverside
And throw them over the side

To be swept up by a current
Then taken to the ocean
To be eaten
Full moon in a dirty sky
That's all we can hope for, yeah

Full moon over dirty hearts
Full moon over dirty hearts

Don't be surprised
Amber cascades all over today
Then we walk on a crooked catwalk
Only to be delayed
Bubbles of blue burst into two
Eaten up by the incoming tide
Join us, in this quest to satisfy 
Join us, and none shall mortify 
I've seen the light unfurled by dawn 
I've seen the blackest ways we scorn 
turned to dust

The funeral in fire calls my name
The ancient dark desire tears me away
Power and damnation from the shining moon
Seven are the ways which
where you are I'm gonna say

She was caught in a mudslide
Eaten by a lion
Got run over by a crappy purple Scion
Help me, help me, I'm no good at goodbyes!
Seasons pass by the shells/of the names unknown /silent a void of thought darkening/cells of the mind

Taken from the blind/scorn for all their
Scorn in her eyes

Her back to the cries
We spit upon the life
That never was
And here we stand

In old England's land
The rose is choked
of them

What the daylight scorns
The night embraces
And I go looking for what I
Want in the wrong places

It seems that all I really
To man and woman he gave all dominion
Over all creatures that live on creation
To multiply and replenish the earth
By coming together and so give birth
I will go in a mo
But first you'd better book up 'cause I
Have no piece to perform

Have no role to play
Other than that one of me
Eaten by
got love too good to throw away
It's not over between you and me
It's not over, don't want to be free
What has been joined by God, by God
Let no man
piece of bacon never eaten by Elvis

So I'll say start giving me something
A love that is longer than a day
Start making my heart say something it
her pity on pause
And withdrawn from the delicate
And uncorrupted by the crude
She resigns even her/ own
Then all at once
Brings in a breath
Now I know I was served in a big silver chair
But you seemed to think
I deserved all indulgence I dared

We shared the same golden spoon
should I be forsaken,
Why must I here in sorrow remain?

Through yonder grove, by the spring that is running
There you and I have so merrily played,