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But I'm back to win 
So just tell a friend 
That I'm still 
Twisting and bending 
Minds and rhymes until the very end 
With the rhymes
I) Te Dium
In upstairs rooms
The meals are eaten
The cars in the garage ready to go-go
Disco baby shed no tear
Hot light overhead
Shaking meat
can't hold it down? oh the shit gon' hit the fan now 

spin around let your whole crown man down  man down 

[Street Life] 

I live by the street code
of David to the line of Solomon
All the way down to the motherfucking end so uhh
You and your friends just get on down
I ain't talking about dancing, face
Well I'm mad cus she gave my crew fungus.
So, your stinkin' ass I sweep under the rug.
Fiendin' for beef I'm deep under the drug.
fights with me
Deep down I know were cool sometimes I wonder would really give a fuck if you were six feet under
I look at you as a friend but when it
Got a fat check, where’s deep end and dove off
Weekends were down by the beaches blurred
They come and go, but you could never put a leash on a bird
but as soon as the, grind get hard
you put yo time in God.

Verse 1

It's in our blood
til the days of my death
my last breath taken by the ATF
splitter, put one in ya
To the woods to ? your body
Right ? by the two of ya, tie the noose knot tight
But my niggas ain't fuckin' the ?, tell 'em not to bang

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