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of pearls
You'll see me soon on TV or on city murals
Deducted my friends like a coupon
They see me different now I wonder what the group on
Been blessed
up from nothing
I get fresh every day I be popping my shit
It don't matter the total that shit getting deducted
You want something off me yea you
deducted, gotta fine
Call me up, press decline
I don't wanna waste my time
Take me back, to a place
Where these man do not hide face
You're all fucked up,
attack this - blood sucker of the poor

My power show and prove, livin' on the 5th floor
We at war, with the foolish
Get deducted, lose points, they
marjonal as well
They've added up and deducted their losses
Earned the rights to kill and tell

Look at you now Mother Martha and Sonya-the-trip
Guard their
shit was nothin' (shit ain't nothin')
Lawyer money, I ain't stayin', get that shit deducted
Threw up in my Lamb truck, inside of the whip disgustin'
deducted admission
Now take my clothes off
And show me what you're made of


Make out with her friends

Excuse me, do you want to screw?
and pluck it
Write it off, a business expense, tax deducted
Now you gased up like bean soup
Think you in the loop but you back in the chicken coup
In the biz
to call home

I will never find clarity in this
A sense of morality
I've deducted there's insanity is this bliss
In this bliss

I'm beginning to learn
he had deducted
This was it, as he fought to keep his eyes open, he simply couldn't
As the room still saturated red, but slowly getting dimmer
do all the punching
Sacrifices reach solution to express it, you deducted
I know some dirty people plotting on me for assassination
I'm out yo target
down grinding your neck
Like cutting a tree with a chainsaw
444 I know am on the right track
I deducted 222 in 666
I should be the one that you praising
which you do not come is not deducted from the sum 

My Intimacy Appointee has now deceased and I was fined 
I fertilised before the deadline
Oh Google
Oh you, pretty you
Oh you, pretty
Oh you, pretty you

I self destructed
And I never felt less reluctant
All of my sins have been deducted
Oh fuck it, I
is all an illusion
And you won't be deducted for acting too human

I am the outdoor worm
I live in the Spartan's heart
And like a bird's black macabre
Im just here for honest change
Been instructed
Ima listen
I ain't here to play no games
It ain't a battle for some money, it's a battle for
it came with an interest
They talk shit but they be bluffing (Yeah)
It's a movement, no discussing (Don't talk about it)
And if you faking get deducted
Understand sign my roster
You requesting for frivolous shit
Hold up let me look at the budget
Got some funds being deducted
None of them gonna be refunded
isn't limited or deducted
Inside there has been and eruption of stress anxiety controls my left side best
Smoking weed that helps me
But makes my grandma
I just levitate over my enemies giving me negative energy cooling my flame
All of this money and glory I'm wishing for never deducted my character
a hoof
"You go to The World of Unborn"

Jerking to it in mush
Mush deducted from heaven
That's is the funny part
Jerking it to mush

My life, hot
the indices and 'stices
Intricacies enlisted in service of
Ulysses S. whomever, suppose nothing was reconstructed
Small deposit was quickly deducted, nearly
boss doesn't seem to mind as long as T works overtime
It will not get deducted from his pay from his pay

â??From your pay and have a good day!â??
the refund, we filed for 'em, deducted from gross
Shouldn't that be taken off the net, like child porn?
My smile's worn off but I ain't that pissed though

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