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attack this - blood sucker of the poor

My power show and prove, livin' on the 5th floor
We at war, with the foolish
Get deducted, lose points, they
marjonal as well
They've added up and deducted their losses
Earned the rights to kill and tell

Look at you now Mother Martha and Sonya-the-trip
Guard their
and pluck it
Write it off, a business expense, tax deducted
Now you gased up like bean soup
Think you in the loop but you back in the chicken coup
In the biz
deducted admission
Now take my clothes off
And show me what you're made of


Make out with her friends

Excuse me, do you want to screw?
a hoof
"You go to The World of Unborn"

Jerking to it in mush
Mush deducted from heaven
That's is the funny part
Jerking it to mush

My life, hot
before you talk
And if the shoe fits wear it
If you got some new shit let me hear it
If it's wack, that's a demerit
Points deducted, meaning you can't fuck
boss doesn't seem to mind as long as T works overtime
It will not get deducted from his pay from his pay

â??From your pay and have a good day!â??
the refund, we filed for 'em, deducted from gross
Shouldn't that be taken off the net, like child porn?
My smile's worn off but I ain't that pissed though

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