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And bleed decrepit broken bones
At caustic spells of hell
Huh, what's that, dear? Huh?

Eat exuding oinks upon
And bleed decrepit broken bones
Please direct your attention to Memory Ln

Please direct attention down decrepit memory lane
Just a suicidal kid who said i'll make it big some day
of the Womb.

Wisdom increases sorrow.
Lucifer throws into a pit with snakes,
Illuminates dark corners of the decrepit cradle.

Abandoned parental home.
Stay up don't let it
Get to you now
Face it we're all just
Decrepit and foul 

Stay up don't let it
Get to you now
Face it we're all just
half a tank

I mean I forgot the weed forgot the dank
storms brewing 
shouldn't ignore it

Just open up the door and explore it it's

Decrepit, creepy,
decrepit earth
Screaming and clawing
The filth and the dark
If I had known that this would be my fate
Six feet under and still alive
I would have slit my
Life bears no relevance
Adapted penitence
Unfold the final curtain
To exempt you from the burden

Hexing the divine
Decrepit mankind
Will I still make sense when I'm old and decrepit
Will my foresight stick when my nearsight's gone
Will my words still flow when my brain is a raisin
of decrepit nest festivities
Deliberately finicking with delirium
Deliriously venereal foul mouth
Stickin and stashin drugs inside of a kangaroo pouch

Its hard
old, decrepit, get to Hanging like a ball sack
Nick at nite, when nigga Thinking that they all that
Jawnie be the winner that can Tell a nigga fall back
Manipulation ain't a real new sensation
Deception of happiness
Decrepit humanity
Lies that felt so true
Leading to lovesick insanity

So say
""Through scabs and boils we chisel on... A decrepit homage to unfold...  These wretched deeds we enumerate... No artery untouched no vessel
I walk on decrepit bricks and kick sticks and rusty soda cans
Simply for lack of better stimulation
motivation comes and goes like gas station
to the man
Now look her sonny
Don't you go all decrepit on me
Not again
Not like you did last June
I'm not enduring that again
You made my life hell
You made
man-made distinction
What new life built from the old
Will take root in an irresolute decrepit world?

Sea to burning fucking sea
Chaos reigns supreme
Is right in front of my eyes
Let's not waste our time
On ancient decrepit lies
No, they can't control our lives
Let's not waste our time
On ancient
prophets, decrepit, anaemic
Fables get taught as gospel
Adherent doctrinaire scum

You're throwing dreams in a wishing well
By believing that your life is
The status quo will be dismantled and destroyed
Left Decrepit to decay, left decrepit to decay

Wielding my finest blade
Calms me down like Peter Stuyvesant
Spreads upon decrepit streets
Giving birth to a new found God
My name remembered by all
My fucking name
Remembered by all
A time comes to light
survivors to enslave
Stab slice pummel 
Thrust skewer impale Choke rip remove 
Innards are now outards 

Gaze upon decrepit ruins Dismembered limbs far
to go but the decrepit floor of the YHA
Pink Nazis
Pink Nazis
Never again, say
We are not worthy
We are not worthy

And fuck the razor's edge
And fuck
Cannibal mycosis
The Earth soon invaded by new creatures

Worldwide invasion

I can see spongy meat falling from my dirty decrepit face
Mycosis infected skin
you to take control
Sink me further and further
Into the abyss

Abolish me from this misery
I have never felt so decrepit
I call upon the emperor
Unaware of dogs that salivate with greed
Decrepit spawn
Suffer every breath
Endure this living Hell for the swine who write the checks
An aura of remorse

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