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Cadaver filled carcasses flood the land
Methodically emptied of bone and blood
Left to be one with the dirt again
To decompose
It all will end in
Touch me, go on, feel me
Heal me like you would care for me
Touch me, decompose me
Heal me

Don't you want to see the real me?
Thrill me, kill
set me free
So turn and blame
But don't you fucking look at me

Decompose you maggot
Decompose you maggot
Now you'll shut the fuck up
Now you'll
Memories still remain
On file and locked away
Take back things I wrote
Tonight I decompose
Memories still remain
On file and locked away
To compose, and decompose, to decompose
The ebb and flow of the darkness
The ebb and flow de ma paresse
To compose, decompose, and recompose
Lives swallow the infatuation
Cleverly seduced
Evil's in the stink of you
Rise and fall
We decompose

Rest against the sore
Push breath
I Wanna Love Somebody

I think I'm gonna die alone 
All I get to wear is funeral clothes
Watch me while I decompose
It's sad, but true you
goes from here
But we all decompose
And slowly disappear

If evil lays his hands on me
Shine a little light on my soul
Show me things I cannot see

I don't know why
We die and disappear
Degrade into dirt
Decompose and endear
I don't know why
We're even here at all
Evolve into this
to discriminate
Deprived transient renegades
Spiraling and disengaged
No one's willing to compensate

This is where we decompose
Through rivers
in sight
Isn't it worth it?
To have peace of mind

I don't need a place to go
When I give up the ghost
Tulips of the spring should grow
As I decompose
alone? Life to death or flesh to decompose. You captured me.
I'm awakened by a fate that screams: ""You will bear the weight to give this world a beating
time to go
Gonna leave behind things that won't decompose

Try not to dwell so much upon
How it won't be so very long from now that they laugh at us
righteous envy
Decompose, hell we go, walk with the devil in dream you behold, forgot, god?
Satan's work, hell on earth, you refuse to see
Now what's what
in on something secret

I can disappear
Anytime I want to, time I feel you
Shuffle through my skin
I am with you til the end

And I can decompose
This'll get on your nerves
War torn
Night harms right away
??? featureless fear
Aryan yahoo
Mission sliver
Never saw sweet problems
Assimilable black earth spawns
Post human monstrosities

Maggots breed, dead decomposed, blending with breeding compost)

bleed, decompose
fell limp
Respiratory function's stopped

Descend - Bottom of lake
Bloated,- i lay beneath
Vacant - eye socket gaze
Decompose in liquid grave

She takes the night train
With her Bible of dreams
A suitcase pretty pink
A cassette of fresh screams
Her treasures decompose
Her treasures
a distorted spawn of a masochist 
Deformities cripple and mold 
So you breathe but don't exist 
Internally decompose, 
Skin erodes and exposes the skeletons
Within the shadows of the ever-barren,
we decompose like decrepit particles,
windows of your inner being.
Neglecting what is loved.
decompose in rapture ov hells
Dissolve divide disintegrate
I am yours
In euphoria below

At faintest whim they would impale the sun
And thus the sheep
decompose in rapture ov hells
Dissolve divide disintegrate
I am yours
In euphoria below

At faintest whim they would impale the sun
And thus the sheep
nothing ventured, nothing maimed
Hang on your suffering wall to decompose and rearrange
Sit tight with your lonely rose, beauty is the death of pain

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