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of snow
“Spy 1 to Spy 4 I've deciphered the code”

VODKA that's the secret word
VODKA and they want it so bad
VODKA I've deciphered the code
Got a rush in
Admit to myself that I'm just not that brave
You make me wanna be so much nicer (So much nicer)
Every clue I dropped you haven't deciphered
Self-righteous greed
A cry from earth for changes
A silent plea
Deciphered in a manner
Lost in failure
We've left in-numerous numbers
Failing into tears
I've used hammers made out of wood
I have played games with pieces and rules
I've deciphered tricks at the bar
But now you're gone
I haven't
I've used hammers made out of wood
I have played games with pieces and rules
I've deciphered tricks at the bar
But now you're gone
I haven't
the moon overhead followed him 
By nine  he had deciphered the illusion  trading magic for fact 
No tradebacks... 
So this is what it's like to be
Unable to be deciphered or metabolized

Something metaphysical
Like a view of the sea on a summer day on the most perfect winding road taken in from
silence is leading to injuries and sores
So what could you do? 

She screamed love is such a strong word
I said what if we took a word, deciphered
deciphered by other gangs
That's the thing I love about my fine brothers in slang
If it's got a funny story which mentions me
It's not for others in ear
Written by ricky & marty wilde

[note: these lyrics are not as accurate as may be expected. they were all deciphered by me, through listening hard
of it
But I unlocked the secrets of this art and deciphered it
Like the Abjad numerals
A dash of red blood
And two Tea Spoons of funerals
I'm in the booth
Guide the kings
Kings of the Universe
Winds of past
Seeds of truth
Left in  Arzashkun
Inaccessible doorways to Eldiri now unveiled
Аs deciphered
interactions deciphered
Familiarity defaced by contra-posed disgust
Universal stimulation diminish
Relations debased to subversion
Terminal conclusions
words have deciphered her true desires
And we'll be ready by the night to spark up the fire

OK I've chosen you up to heal me
Coz I won't let you block
Gutters swell with the fruit of loose flesh.
The flowering perfume of gored halos.
Dead language between burning stars, deciphered.
Eternal Rapture.
Recycle the psyche, delight when he renders 

Deciphered directions
New angles untangled
Newfangled perspectives 
Like nuclear fusion of lucrative lessons
Been martyred designed by decisions I conjur
I conquer the depths of my offers
Deciphered the snakes from the profits
I’m often perceived as a deity me
I think I finally learned my lesson
I think I just deciphered the message
I could be wrong but I’m just guessing
How can I get to heaven?
How can I
And maybe I've deciphered it wrong
And maybe this is a useless song
But it would unravel itself anyway

Cause you've show me those fish swim
Perfectly lazy
of dotted lines
Fine print to be deciphered
But not to be very well defined
Before this ink has finished drying 
Read the clauses of tiny letters 
to be in a world that I sit on the throne and rule
I never liked school but fuck it that's where I perfected this
Killing cyphers many I deciphered that
Native Americans dreaming as one
The holy man's work has barely begun 
Collective unconscious deciphered is sent 
To the spirits for greater
it to you, give it to you
All my thoughts privy to you
You the only one I want
Never gets old I
You deciphered the code
I think this might be a forever
the defuse it 
You'd be quick to diss me but all my ideas quick to use it  
I still support rappers from my hometown 
Yeah I deciphered your lyrics 
When you

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