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Take a minute to breath, be attentive and then you’ll realise
So much more to life than running up in the fast lane
Decelerate that trip give you
She killed the sound
Blocked the gateways
Couldn't say no
Reflective waves
Forced to decelerate
In the fading glow

With every shock
The volume
sly loam
Accelerate and decelerate in and out the cones 
Poisonous poems travel through walkman headphones
Into your dome Osteoperosis your bones,
hard, man, I deserve a break
 Imma gift myself a full day to decelerate
Maybe I'll sleep in, until three pm
I may not even brush my thirty two teeth
from your ancestors?
Telling you you gotta slow it down
Decelerate when the light is amber
Don't feel shame this happens all the time
My reply don't
shards of ice breaking the hours that decelerate into a seeming eternity
Lights in the distance
Reminding me of my isolation
The Stars are so far yet so
Elevate accelerate go get some paint and decorate 
Not the type to take a plate then have my cake evacuate  
Rather decelerate you say my name then we be
And I ain’t going decelerate neither Til we all shine
All my niggas free from the can living luxury
Real rhythm to all of my fans
Thank you for
Switching lanes to pass the hate
Manual drive control my fate
Pop clutch decelerate
Not too fast to get away
Red and blue reflected in my face
If I could I
supposed to be exclusive
You be using people often 
Gotta to make a way at a smooth pace cant decelerate 
Yea yea yea 
You can sick back and relax while
and I fumbled alot 
Head first on canvas like im chris benoit
Like chris bosh the blood clots made the heat wave
Over anticipate need to decelerate
roll that thing
Decelerate like a slow jam thing
Make we bang like explode that thing
Ohemaa you should know one thing
Well tonight e be no long thing,
for each
The waiting never culminates
But the paces still decelerate
How long can I lie there?
Anything else right now would suffice
Let nothing
my head

Counting cats eyes
Discounting contact
Your pace is your mistake
But the speed keeps you awake
So don't decelerate

Or you'll feel
The change
I got to wear my anti-g suite
You got me spinning like a Jesuit
And my hands they taste like propane
I'm tryna decelerate
Drive me home
But don't

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