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spread em like my marmalade
I been waitin' for an answer but that shit decayed 

But that shit decayed put it on my future grave
She don't reciprocate
For the heart decayed so far
Decayed so far
Soon it will be over
For the one that's sick as you are
Tomorrow never comes
For the heart decayed so
funds ass nigga (You late, decayed)
Nigga probably see Unicorns to, think he fucking with me, ain't no point to address him
I mean it I said it, fuck who
Life is pain, take me away
Life is pain, take me away
Life is pain, take me away
Leaving me to rot, leaving me decayed
Life is pain, take me away
I don’t wanna have to stay
We’ve lived our lives here in dismay
My trust has been decayed
Let's make a runaway
I don’t wanna have to stay
We’ve lived
Dead decayed now in the cold ground
You can't hear me
And I'm screaming your name

Why you have gone?
Away from me
Away to the grave
Now it is
fail to see why
That when you've lost your way
You don't need nobody to tell you
There's no collection when the building is decayed
There's no collection
solid colors faded
I'm moving on for better
For myself and not together
I'm not here for you to blame
Were better off un marking lanes
Our hope decayed
famine the zombicide
Short of flesh the zombie died
The zombiod starved and putrefied
Dead outside Decayed inside

Return to the grave
Through Zombicide
that day
Feelings have decayed
Took the heart right from my chest
And then you ran away

Pride before the fall
Threw away it all
Everything you took will
into me
Oceans, mountains have lost their in-betweens
So, call me, call me
Restore me, restore me
I'm decayed, enraged and first class
How have you been?
You say I never pray
You say I'm never looking back
Call my soul decayed
With no idea when it cracked

Too long I faced this rotten place
Too long I
takes away all my pain
Now my body's decayed
A 407
My stress melts away
Leaving my lungs decayed
My cells scream and shout
I just block it out
My problems
growing strong
Our generation has decayed, we only love ourselves
Although we feel ashamed we're so much far from change
Our generation has decayed, we only
Breast fed blood now filling my dead veins
The decayed shall feast upon the maimed

Spider crawls out of skull
Fretted with wormholes

A morbidly
of the crown
A decayed glow
In you I drown
I'm merely a puppet
An impostor of the crown
A decayed glow
In you I drown
I'm merely a puppet
An impostor
to see that the good people
Have decayed
There's no hope 
But we will
Go on to prevail

We Prevail 

Now can you see
This sensitivity 
falling down
Falling apart from this 
Decayed statue

How to not hate everything?
When life seems unfair
There are scars on your skin
And your legs are
My bones
Had something left to hold
All I see

Left forgotten
My final resting place
Empty vessel
My body has decayed
keep on searching for lies in a prayer to ilude your own hope Torn and decayed, in a Shallow grave of sins
In silence, all blinded faith
And the white
begged You 
Don't You ever let me go
I screamed don't You leave 
Don't You leave
Don't You ever let me go

Noticed me green between decayed beans
And it's probably the rap songs playing in my brain
Yo I fucked up 
I've mentally decayed 
Probably from all the weed and playing video games

I fill
A hoard of decayed twisted filth, a horrid mass of wormy flesh

The air fills with the stench of rot, diseased and fetid putrid death

A thirst for blood
and the truth decayed
Lenses end the tunnel, lemme chew grenades

Trenched into a huddle, any crew displays
Benched until the pummel, went the rudest way

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