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take this town
Suckers gettin' mad, swift kick, broke rib
Serve it in a dish, name it up, rib-tip
Metal in the front, big stomp, crush neck
Punks on tip,
don't prefer help, getting to the death quotients
It works by itself set in perpetual motion
But I remove it, there's some probability to use it
With angles shapes and size
It's held by true what
It's held in through place
It's an aim that has no name

Mother is in the fields
Father is in
on Chopper
[Whispers] Choppa! Fetti is somethin that ya boy desire
I keep the metal thing-a-mijiggy the color is copper

[Chorus: Chopper w/ Fred in
the trunk 
And when it's time to rock a mic I won't be no punk 

I bring death to the evil and power to the people 
My name ain't Steve Miller but I Fly
Life is shorter everyday my nigga make the right moves 
Choose your hustle spots wisely police give you the blues 
Lock you up put a strike by your
Young 'uns with guns, acting like they taking yours, uh 

Live by the sword, they gonna die by the sword, uh 

My vocal cords break the laws that