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Antichrist, the beast of mayhem
King of kings, death of the world

Holy carnage, explosion of hatred
Demons are slaying, warfare
Eviscerate a child
Violence evocation
Insouciance of life

Face the truth

Governments is shit
In all countries
What shall we vote?
the bloodbath all their vile
Dreams will come to pass

Weaponized psychopathy
Headlong into carnage seeking blood
Seething minds distorted by the violence
to their slaughter, to fight for their wife
Trapped by a system that demands only life

Such carnage, destruction

The corpses are buried the day may yet
Carnage formed rebirth
A sickened lust of hatred
Damned to eternal plight
Obscene art alive through death
Crafted gore
Masterful slaughtering
Rancid rancor
Insatiable from my proclivity
Random tirade
Eternal death inevitable

Blood drenched execution
Carnage inspired by hatred
I am the venom, I am the serpent born of flesh
I am of carnage, I am the dark one, killer of man, I am death
Architect of your destruction
Corporal carnage
To assume the shape of
A madman's
To be displayed

The gross
Unclothed body
The eyes replaced with
the brutality
Of a changing world
Divided we fall!

This hunger is craven
Death of the innocent
Designed and formed by a madman
Painless is the gothic
of carnage surround your weakness
Crash down like oceans, wait for the light
In total darkness, drowning in bleakness
Awaiting death's grip, cry out for
Catch a fleeting glimpse then be on your way
Oh the end is near if you choose to stay
This forsaken land torn by grief and strife
No it's not
thousand have died

Taken by force
Controlled by fear
Death squad police of the right
Must stamp out subversion
Dissension, unrest
Those who oppose
Catch a fleeting glimpse 
Then be on your way 
Oh the End is near 
If we choose to stay 

This forsaken land 
Torn by Grief and Strife 
the neck of the white dove
Run down by the tracks above

Whip the back of your messiah
Your peace kills by death
Bow your head, the prayer calls to violence
As garden statues 

A grotesque feast 
Of human flesh and pus 
Aroused by pain 
A gateway to death 
Madness reigns 
At the climax of carnage 
Break the neck of the white dove
Run down by the tracks above

Whip the back
Of your messiah
Your peace kills by death

Bow your head
The prayer

And the bone that holds you together
Crippled by the knife
Bloody rotted body
Deep inside, burning pain and hate

Beaten to death
Sickening, glorious
For no audience in history
Hath welcome death so gratefully

A test of strength and valor
Spirits of honor and courage
Upon every
walk step by step with death
Where all bludgeoned bodies lie
You will see my face of rage
Cut your heart out of your chest
Leave impaled
Stricken by death as your life flashes by
>From an autopsy, to a cemetery, then to the grave, your final destiny
Carnage and sin are my blood,
No peace
The carnage never cease
Darkness unfolds upon the earth
Each day another loss
The pain grows stronger every day
Until death comes to take
followed by

diabolical unleashment
spewing forth an inferno of carnage
torn wasteland of rubbish and debris
after the bomb, nothing left to see
One existence to achieve the goals my soul demands
The carnage sick and twisted, death is at hand

Tragedy strikes, in a matter of seconds another
Suicide, a march across the red coloured soil 
Battles that no one will ever win 
Charge through death into enemies land 
Obey the chain of command
mounds of human waste
Humid is the stench
Feces, organs, blood, and sinew
Sex through death

Diseased, enlarged by hypothalamus
Pleasure and pain

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