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Walk away me boy walk away me boy
And my morning we'll be free 
Wipe that golden tear from your mother dear 
And raise what's left

Walk away me boy walk away me boy
And my morning we'll be free 
Wipe that golden tear from your mother dear 
And raise what's left
I was chilling,
Right around my way,
21st Eastside of the Beach,
This mother fucker ran up on me,
Talkin' shit with his homies,
Like he was
to the house
Where the windows were shot out

He lay there bleeding on the floor
My mother beside him screaming "Dear Lord
Someone shot my boy"

I held
[Mr. Lif]
As Colin died, his mother cried
By the EMS survived
Said that he could be revived but they lied
Afterlife realized that water from the skies
the middle of the night I hear gun shots go off by my window, window
Dear father 
It ain’t easy, it ain’t easy; it ain’t easy, it ain’t easy 'round here
mother made up for a son

You see, dad was a traveling preacher
Teaching the words of the teacher
Mother had sworn he went off to the war
And died
The last days of your life as a cancer patient
I'm staring at your corpse praying and waiting for you to awaken
21 gun salute for the hero, the burial was
in perspective
Dumbs out, guns out til my time runs out
Capitalistic driving force got no remorse
But I feel shit catching up
Time wrappin' up
Its Bad Boy bitch
Scram Jones the Clipse B.I.G.
Let's go

Niggas in my faction don't like asking questions
Strictly gun testing, coke measuring
shit I ever spoke, 21 gun salute

Hey yo I've been one of the most humble, rep the streets to the core
Hey Jeffrey, What the fuck you come involvin me
Be like by bitty bye biddy biddy byebye

Put the blunt down, here's the rundown
Riding sundown slide us out the front
Ill get you high, won't
I still don't think you are hearing me clear
You must understand that our friendship is done
Justified by the person that you have become
Dear God, Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough
His girl eight months pregnant, a nurse assistant holding him down
Faithfully on every visit,
brothers, shooting out with one another
They wanted badly, for sisters to call them Daddy
To drive a Caddy, stories unheard by Dear Abby
They're dressing
Verse I
Sometimes I feel like I want to quit
No one will notice if
I forfeit my soul blow myself with a clip
That's my father did no gun, a noose
I had a fight with a cop just last night
Address my girl 'my dear', been shootin' guns for years
And I never been a sucker givin' in to my peers
with my concrete jungle, no Tarzans and Janes
Diesel by the bundles and the hard grams of Caine
D's when they come through, it's hard to get some change
'fo' his last days
Think you've got it made?
Nigga ain't no runnin' back
When I put this gun in yo back
Detach 'em, attack 'em, to the point no

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