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hat creepin' low
And co-starring is a psycho motherfucker
He grew up in Compton bustin' caps at the cluckers

His name is MC motherfuckin' Eiht
[Mack 10] 
Do some shit with my niggas from the CPT, ha ha
You ready Eiht?

[MC Eiht]
Yeah, c'mon

[Mack 10]
I was born to ride, banging,
Lynchin, I'm taking money to the bank.
And its the MC Eiht on your shit list.
Commence to killing you off you gots your def wish.

[I'll make you famous...]
Done trapped, eiht spit speedy
In the m.c. we hit your block lookin too greedy
Innocent by-standers in they driveways
Yellow tape, here it comes, no
[Mack 10] 
Do some shit with my niggas from the CPT, ha ha
You ready Eiht?

[MC Eiht]
Yeah, c'mon

[Mack 10]
I was born to ride, banging,
[Mack 10] 
Do some shit with my niggas from the CPT, ha ha
You ready Eiht?

[MC Eiht]
Yeah, c'mon

[Mack 10]
I was born to ride, banging,
Geah, uhh
The original see-M-W
MC Eiht with the killas
Check it out

Shit done changed
Now the old down game to re-arrange
Geah, the nigga-hoes is back in the mutherfucker
MC Eiht's back once again, why'knowutumsaying?
Just like last year we told the girls, talking about
Wake your punk ass up for the 93 shot 
MC Eiht's in the motherfuckin' house... yeah 
And it ain't nothin' but a Compton thang y'all 
And we ain't
we in too deep. 

Geah. In your shit for the nine-deuce. 
MC Eiht in the mutherfuckin house, and my nigga Scarface and shit. 
DJ Slip in
crew Come Strapped like MC Eiht with nickel plates 
Gettin mad Dead Presidents ask Lorenzo Tate 
Ahh, gettin loot rollin craps in the yard 
Can't be
Wake yo punk ass up for the 93 shot
M-C Eihts in the motherfuckin' house
And it ain't nothin but a Compton thing y'all
And we ain't nuthin
you got whacked, everybody knew the rules"

[MC Eiht]
Nigga get ready cause you can't hang
with the psycho motherfucker who slangin these gangsta thangs
fools under our backs, 

Lock the gates sound the guns cuzz we under attack. 


Verse3: Mc Eiht 

Betta' watch out for
We in the muthafuckin house for the 94
Eihthype in the muthafuckin house
Mc eiht and dj slip in the muthafuckin house
Uh, compton in
crept, damn, shot me in the back.
so now I bail in a wheelchair, no more stomping.
Raised in Compton.

geah, why'knowutumsayin? 
MC Eiht and Compton's Most
bam, tha chill
Mc eiht in the house
And we know your muthafuckin' residential spots, geah

[tha chill]
I'm breakin 'em off the proper chunks
like MC Eiht, damn I kill it 
Earn my money the old fashioned way, I steal it 
Stop thief in the temple, I hit 'em with a blow 
Somebody done stole my
told me
Mc Eiht is back with that thug shit
Check it out

[ VERSE 1 ]

My mindstate too late it's been gone
Tryina take me out of the hood you're
you must be dead
You shoulda listen to the words I said

Rule number one -hey- get money
Get a ride with switches, fuck a gang of bitches
Wake your punk ass up
The M.C Eiht's back in the motherfuckin' house
Kickin' the straight gangster shit, for the 9,1
You know what I'm sayin', gia

Let me introduce you to another type of rapper MC
where glamour and glitter don't matter gently
I'm tired of the Chattanooga empty
Mc's brought gats and that one had an axe
Before he took a swack man I got him in the back
With pimp game rhyme
The moneys all mines
12 o'clock
the real CPT G's up in here
Mc Eiht , Boom Bam , CMW representin to the fullest
Hoo-Bangin to the fullest

[ VERSE 1 ]
I once heard don't forget
Listenin' to Eric Band, Rakim or EPMD
Cool see and Steady be, plus that Public Enemy
Not to mention N.W.A., DJ Quik and MC Eiht
Down south we listen to it

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