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Pitbull Daycare  


back for just 1 day, homie

Wish I can bring my nigga back for 1 day
And take him by the daycare to see his son play
And go to show him how his, baby,
Welcome to the daycare Ms. Bessie has a rocking chair 
Reading all the books Teaching kids how to play fair 
We thank you for the things you do
Never go back there
You leave she give you a death stare
Get involved why the hell do they care
You a child let me take you to daycare
I was done ima
can't stay here 

Got this b**** on my line she got blue hair 
Eddie Murphy to these b****** 
Daddy daycare 
Eddie murphy to these b****** 
Daddy daycare
I ain't fuck with fake friends
All that since daycare
I'm being surrounded by some fake friends
I just can't make amends
All my life

I ain't fuck
Finger painting
Won't you take me to
Won't you take me to the
I wanna be there
The Daycare
I wanna be there with you
With you
With you
With you
daycare (Daycare)
Now I'm a mothafuckin' millionaire (Millionaire)
Money longer than Diana Ross hair (Ross hair)
I'm rare like white running backs, these
booty she know that I love to stare
Eight time nut cos with her I play fair
Baby got that WAP treat it like it’s daycare
Treat like it’s daycare
Like it’s
my patnas' (Locked in)
Squares out the circle, no way i'm boxed in 
Knew em since Daycare, locked in (Locked in)
Knew em since College, locked in
this a great year
You finished smearing shit on there
Do I run a daycare
Childish behaviour
Me and you cannot compare
Imma leave you over there
This is
me they don't know me I'll be famous
Now its tic toc pit stops on the way there
I was beat boxing eavesdropping in the daycare
Before all
you 'gon tell
My shooters they ready, I pay 'em well
Let my young niggas 'gon catch it and make a sale
Diapers and baby bottles its a daycare
Outside bombs explode
I am sitting on the commode
Soon they'll reach the day-care center
Soon they'll bag the smashed placenta

Avoided a near collision 
Let's focus on the mission
Daycare then back home safe
With her princess 
Pull up at the daycare 
Babies crying and whining 
Mamacita don’t know no different
Staying in the hotel cause she like swimming
Black lives matter so swallow these children
It's 2020 and daycare's expensive
Tesla going teach you bout Mudda

Drop my main hoe off at daycare
Get her ears pierced right at Claires
Teach her not to cuss not to swear
She wears
not a daycare
From the bottom
But you know we never stayed there
Not today
Are you down boy you know I'm on the way
I ain't got no games to play
Got too
Tell her from the start game run it like a marathon
See these balls got a great pair plus don't play fair
More kids than a daycare
Now the thing get
Calm it down
I don't like
I don't like
Taking these rappers to daycare
All my sons
Don't Run around
But Have some fun
Finna finesse all the meddies
babies we gone need a daycare
Shawty don't you panic we gone leave em' in the rear
Swerving, then I hear a co-op
And I'm with my bae how a cop cock block
I'm on the way there
All these rappers is my sons I run a daycare
Bad Italian bitch I'm like Capeesh
Pull up in that brand new toy man this is not
ya kid out of daycare
Like little nigga stay there
Sit you in your favorite chair
Niggas know how I come back
Hit you with that dumb track
Act up you
Cecilia is wearing hair on her head
And skin on her flesh
And nails on her skin
Women destroy
Uhuru furniture
Young Scholars Daycare Center
and turn the lights out
And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck
Private school, daycare, shit medical bills I pay that
I love your

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