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Mother Earth, what have we done to you?
Mother Earth, why have we forsaken you?
Mother Earth, the paradise you gave
Mother Earth, all your beauty
You think that this night will be the last,
The loathsome details of this tranquility,
Beyond from the last frontiers of the mother earth
from the fountains
Of bondage and brutality
(this captive earth to flood)

as one whom the mother caresseth
So will I comfort you

through every waking
of cast iron, 
You'll remember that your home was the richest place on earth, 
Warmed by the richest spirit on earth, the spirit of Christmas.
All I see is imitation
And there's no earth beneath my feet
There are no trees or fields in front of me
Only slabs of concrete

Mother Nature smiles and cracks a new days dawn
Most people on the earth are sleeping comfortably and warm
Out in the fields and pastures, it's
open slit curtains
I'll be welcomed through that mother fucker for certain

[Monoxide Child:]
My eyes are closed hypnotized by professionals
And fell in a dream of sorrow
The next morning, awaked by the coldness of the dawn
Some ravens encircled us and Ath the biggest
Came near us

He talked
And there's no earth beneath my feet. 
There are no trees or fields in front of me 
Only slabs of concrete. 

Skyscrapers reaching up to the clouds, 
I'm walkin' over yellow lawn
The day it is still sleeping
Yellow sun brings the dawn
Mother earth is weeping

I kick off my sensible shoes
tonight at midnight the butcher will rise
When the sun foes down you best not find yourself
With no one home you're not alone
You'll all be dead by dawn
been dazzled

by the bright morninglight?
Have you ever heard the birds sing
have you ever tasted the gifts
of mother earth?
You've burnt all your
shackled now released
Bring forth ecstasy, the ulmost delight
Come wholly to me as lifes' water is poured by thy side
'Twas from sacred society not mother
eating potential 
(I'm convinced) future MC's are sending robots back in time 
As we speak to kill my mother before I'm born  be warned 
You catch
the dark
As mother earth behind us turned to waste
A godforsaken grave.

Last night...

Now I'm here in wasteland, their perfect trap is closed.
Just a few
Left, right, Jah soldiers a come
Left, right

An dem seh here comes trouble
Here comes the danger
Sent by the savior welcome the rasta youths
I an I
in peace  May my heart be ready Sink yourself in the 
warm Earth Sink your mind in the ancient litany Dark mother take me in Let me be 
born again We
You can reach into your pocket
While I reach into my mind
Clarity is so divine
We just single the design
The physical we inherit
By visions on TV
Until hatched by knife light then...

Mother named, after her extremely painful experience.
Allowing the vast maze of birth and mistake,
To take its
And the creature just bided its time undiscovered
So safe in the cradling arms of the mother

[Lead: Dan]

But for those who seek eternity
For those
earth packed hard and by one wall a raised platform
Some six foot by four covered by a simple sheet, the bed
The hunchback busied herself with small
beneath it ...of great dimensions...
All we are trying to do, us humans, is that we shall not die so soon

[Apathy the Alien Tongue]
Over the earth I hover
mothers birth their youngens for
And some say Jesus coming for
For all I know the earth is spinning slow
Suns at half mast 'cause masses ain't aglow
words in a bismol energy
It's time I society beats release

Inner breathlessness, outer restlessness
By the time I caught up to freedom I was out
echoes through the tombs
I sodomize the fresh abortion by the dark glow of the moon
Its mother desecrates her cunt with a broken bottle from the floor

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