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tyne -
Wadst thou wane fore'ermae;
Daunt - sinsyne thence,
Ta'en as a dint, Angelique?

Perforce and grinningly shall I maim in the vie -
mantel, your equine ornaments erode
Relieve this moment, say that gestures don't afford
The lacquered tip of cupid's sword

Thou shalt not daunt me,
on the night
I only go with the night
To daunt the play's donation
And await the resurrection
It's so silly that there's nothing there, but it's sung in
tenderness I will kiss your red lips 
Not the past or the future shall daunt me 

But that day ain't here just yet 
So I'm stuck here on this roller
I bethink dotingly only thy weal -
Forgive me for deeming thee direfully -
Therein abdiding with thee
Yet I was a trifle daunt'd.
Is for me
Daunt you
Like a nervous feeling in your gut
I call it fate, but you can call it whatever the fuck you want
Your just a lost little boy so here’s one

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