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Murder, murder, chalk line 'round your daughter
Three cell phones and I still don't ever call her

Murder, murder, smoking on that murder
of themselves. Prokaryotic cells reproduce by binary fission, which is a process in which the cell divides into two daughter cells. Eukaryotic cells reproduce by
In a perfect moment
We could be Diocletian and change ourselves
Even when we’re broken
Dividing like adjacent daughter cells
Baby, let’s get open
daughter cells (Your own daughter cells)
And watch you kill yourselves
While you be tryna be better than Sharky Mane’s realm
Spit it like a hundred, spit it
Chromosomes at their place,
Cleavage furrow fabricates,
Daughter cells have been made,
At last, cytokinesis,
Mitosis, completed,
Stages have been concluded,
reappear with needles
groovy daughter cell yields
eatin him away?
where's the wild we knew?
it's the no return
in the price we pay

just a dad on a table
Dear Daughter
It's hard to piece all this
These sails lost wind
Halted mast brings me sorrow again

Dear Daughter,
Broke cells won't bleed me out
at the airport?
She’s got her cell, my daughter at the airport.
Can’t text and drive.  I’ll lose my life
It’s called an iPhone for a REASON!

I go to East side/She
Seen da twelve
Cant get locked
Serving half a L
Dont wanna see my daughter
From a cell
Mama ima make it
I won't fail
Clusters in a ring
For my girl
soul, man
Gift from a mother and father, twixt the son and the daughter
Fixed by cells that are martyred (martyred)
Riding fluorescent coat tails out
leave you dead for sure I promise
Praying for my daughters in em' cells no squamous
All we do is multiply multiply no minus
Jog it off my memory
All these
really from that
Seen niggas give it all to the hood
Ain't get a crumb back
A place where it's hard to
Tell who really your friend
My daughters hit my cell
Fam I got too much to loose cant make moves inside a cell
My daughter need some new shoes
What you think I'm fin to do
Get up on my grind every morning
yeah yeah
I don't want to die and I don't want to go to jail (No)
I don't want my daughter seeing me inside a cell (Baby)
Man I barely see her only talk
for my daughter
Dont wanna see another cell said im sorry your honor
The judge wanna see me burn in hell im jumpin in the water
They dont love you until
I pop mics, got conned rad
The fuck she on? He so mad
Cloud 9, and I caught her
She Mount Franklin, out of order
18 to life, like a daughter
gone end up inna ditch

In im posted whi them niggas inna field whi ma bitch

I was locked up in the cell on ma daughter ain switch

Had to sit down with
Lasko grab that shit, and let's take cover, they better not spin again

Free my right hand KQ, got two daughters, he stuck in that cell
Mind racin',
of daughters
We’re made of Cancer cells and Virgo desperation
We’re made of Wray & Nephew mixed with perspiration
We’re made of cheap cologne and tropical
I'm locked in that cell
I lost my daughter, then I lost myself Walked through the storm, then I walked straight through hell
This shit made me stronger,
Be forever free

Memory in our cells
And of our daughters and daughters to come

Branches trail down
Into our roots
Fingers strain out

We smell like
bout a soda get popped
Honestly you ain't worth a cell block
Got a daughter and she gonna need her pops
So I'm focused on trying stack knots
I been on my
What you know about missing ya daughter
Or raising ya son on a visit
All this shit man my cell ya hoarder
Then again he grew up in a prison
I don't
you're the Prisoner locked in my cell
So welcome to hell, my baby girl

Daughter, daughter, you can't hide from your father. Taking your purity and honor.

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