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Since the beginning of the feast 
The filthy cities is now yours
Everybody can tell the crisis
All they fucking need is a cure

Dastard's everywhere

Facing the foe with our fearless wit
Daring the dastards to put up their dukes
Great gobs of gore, we'll storm the shore
And seek the unknown, then
Yo, Jam Boy Magic, Mr. Fantastic
Masterful mind, the list that I've crafted
Fresh new trick to flip--I'm Dick Dastard
Half smooth criminal
It's a kick in the teeth
Can make it hard to smile
I'm turning to a dirty dastard style
What...there ain't no use in crying

So I just keep
nigga blast a K 
Evil thought hearts chilly, Dickie Dastard-lay 
All his people mourned deeply as the pastor prayed 
Come though from out of town, you
An only child, a tanglewood foundling
Suckled by grandmother's stories
Of half-men and dastard warnings
I was torn to school by a den of claws

with blankets, just rest it's Jah, raps new son
Bastard, done mastered a lack of a dad, turned it backwards
Just rap words, some dastard kid plastered,
at the end lead the real, the darkest glow
This is the natural birth of pain in our souls

Lodge what you earned, ego is every coward 
Now the dastard knows
superstars could get shook, It could
All end fast in this dastard hood (That's for real)
College, just a collage of dreams dreamt
Since this verse all my fears
dastard normie
You got me acting like a factory run off sighs and spite
But you ain't gone take it from me
Not with hacksaw, Teams or copy
Days work days
It's a task to relate when I don't care to participate
Why the hell would I wanna be a part of this social race
Movement automation, I'm lost in
Throw your fists in anger
Sign your name in blood
Mind your business dastard
Show your fisticuffs
Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention
To my
Don't talk to me
Just talk to this glock
You can't slip past us
You Dick Dastards
I would fuck yo bitch
But my mans did it faster
Move in all
soul to the dastard in question.
of the soul bloomed out
And who was I—ignorant, dastard, and vain
To receive such splendor at the height of being vanquished?
Could you believe that I was

Facing the foe with our fearless wit
Daring the dastards to put up their dukes
Great gobs of gore, we'll storm the shore
And seek the unknown,
Convinced to dominate the fuck'n war 
Mjolnir hammer crowd fall 
Thirsty to invade the human race

Riding the Storm with no fear
Making milky magic potion
Like Asterix and Obelix
Dastard mix to catch the chics
Master Dicks gotta bag of tricks
Attack the Picts with faster ships
dastard! - hanging by the noose die.

'Vaunt! - Devil tyne -
Wadst thou wane fore'ermae;
Daunt - sinsyne thence,
Ta'en as a dint, Angelique?

There has to be more than this
Is there no reason for me to exist
But for as a plaything of miscreants, malingerers, dastards and knaves?

How is
smaller tail)

Facing the foe with our fearless flukes
Daring the dastards to put up their dukes
Great globs of gore, we'll storm the shore
And seek

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