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Feels like what I want's on the other side

So let me go
Give me dashes on the road
Maybe I'm walking to a place I don't know
I gotta see how things
Piccolo bastardo Dashe principino
Con te manco ci parlo la tua merda mi fa schifo
Puoi venire qui poi ti mando a fare un giro
Passami quel lean che
(No c’s no dashes)
Tell me that you know how to spell
(No c’s no dashes)
Space for the Ex and K for the times
(No c’s no dashes)
The way you say my
Two cups the lean trappers are the first to go
Hawukahle umuthi wesifuba thwlela mou
Thlakwanu ka cole maan re dashe mou
Ke mang mo mascadafy oyesang
Four dashes on my watch, two by two
Separated by two dots, me and you
Start to develop a plot, to get through
This space like cosmonauts
What a view
mio tempo per amare una stronza
L’ho già fatto una volta e chi cazzo se lo scorda
Sai che ho fatto di tutto
Sempre dietro a quei soldi
Collect that bag 
Collect the bag then I ran threw it

In that new skurt hitting dem dashes ran threw it 
I just Touch down the pack (what) watch me
off the road 
We won't have to go far 
I just wish the airbag didn't hit so hard 
The things that save you 
End up tearing you apart

Yellow dashes
on the dash
Go and spend it all, baby, know you here to crash
Cigarette ashes, hundred yard dashes
All of this cash is
What you doin', what's yo name
Wait, I
go, can you come
This way? (this way)
'Cause I feel safe in your arms
And she's got dashes in her stars
I hope you both, come around
This way
fueling you
A nervous excitement
Dashes every doubt
And when I wear this bleeding heart on my sleeve
Don't expect no sympathy
Why not
Blind both eyes
fuoco nemmeno con Dashe
Ah ah ah il mio lupo sta luna la prende per sempre
Ah ah ah sulle guance di mamma le lacrime asciugo
Ah ah ah nel buoi del passato
pensando a come farli e a come andarmene svelto
Mamma me l’ha detto
Ma ve l’ho già detto
Sto pluggando troppo
Sto con lei nel letto
Dashe quel bimbetto
you have done to us 
Happy the man who ceases your children from their mother's arms 
Happy the man who dashes your children against the rocks
run away go
Up with the dashes
Ran from Ma past
Cuz ain’t nothing attractive
Chico’s turned Chicano’s
I sin I sin I know
I pop I sip I smoke
on the dashes
Ashes butt clips in the ashtray 
Grey goose in the system 
Some Bacardi feeling tipsy

Rubber 20 inches 
Now we doing schretches all day
It’s all dots and dashes
Burn this all to ashes now
Break by design
We have to find
Find a new way out
Before we all shut down
Break by design
Break by
tsheore Di blesser
Go tlanna monate
Fa otshoere tshoere  basebin
Ke tshoere amp'e
Go tlanna monate
Haotshwere botlolo 
Ke tshwere dashe 
Go tlanna monate
warning we were wrong
Caught inside another sad sad song
Precious petrol dashes burning right
Higher up
Higher up
Close by 
Could you love me like I love
open your mind
Something is dashes through
inside of heart
Let's feel sweet pleasure
I will make you wonder
Show me your naked body
Come on dance with me
a $1000 blunt, smoke it 'til there ain't no ashes
Keep choppers in my trunk and Bibles on my dashes
Who wanna boot it for me? You don't wanna do that homie
a $1000 blunt, smoke it 'til there ain't no ashes
Keep choppers in my trunk and Bibles on my dashes
Who wanna boot it for me? You don't wanna do that homie
loud and in the mad crowd
wounded and dying there.

Out comes a shot, a horse dashes out
Out from the ranks so blue
and it gallops away to where Joe lay
flavors, I major, baby, send in the troops
That Johnny Blaze ya, leave dashes in your Timberland boots
Can't fuck with haters, just mad I got a pocket

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