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the room
Tonight I´ll end up all your groom

I am a lawless Wrangler
And macho Mangler
Hearbreaking Dangler
The Vienna Strangler
The sun goes down in my town
Low like a new your stovers touch
Pound like a sold European lunch
Strung up the cup of your computer notch
Curling up with a good nose dangler
motherfucker for danglers
Lifestyles of the rich and dangerous

I'm livin' the life, I'm livin' the life of the rich and dangerous
I'm livin' the life,
of glass, shake that ass for the strangers
I'm on the wrath with the danglers, shakin' my shaft
You just bass to the anglers (hooked)
Drift to mausoleum,
off that wrangler
You know me no stranger
Hang like a dangler, bitch look like Topanga
That boy meet world I swear you are in danger
Its time
When it's dough I do whatever it takes to get it
So, chain danglers, are in danger
When I skate wit ya ice like the Rangers, assume later
Boss bitch
Unless it's for the love or the green paper
And f**k anybody else who try to come around me and be a stranger
I'ma keep it movin', f**k bein' a dangler
Than you thinkin' that yous a big dick dangler 
'cause nothins goin on but this rent 
So I wish you would! 
Come with that dick shit, 
Fuck you
a panel
Every day missin' my nana
RIP Tuna and Dangler
Knew that shit wasn't my angle
I went and trusted some strangers
If I lose it all today, they
gets right down to it, owww, she's a flirty
She's a fly young lady, down talk to strangers
She lives in Atlanta, rock platinum danglers
She's so
stranger to this danger 
For dangler, fade ya like the major Cali chronic 
Niggas that test the west gonna rest in peace and that's a promise 

Got 'em

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