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(rap intro by derick johnson)

Dangerous lover
With the blue-green eyes
Slides into the room
He's got trouble on his mind

Maybe you're misunderstood
We stood there frozen as the baseball hit the bat
Watched it clear the fence in Johnson's yard
And broke that front door glass
We were already
a worthy pool 
Of peers to be competed with
I see my shit with Son House and Syl Johnson
And always loose, I done lost face too 
But I'm sporting their
Line it, pass it and take a puff! 
Having a bad day, stop by my house,
coz most likely, I've got a blunt in my mouth.
So sit down relax
It's by far the most dangerous subject to touch
Yet we actin' like its lust, yeah right
Will lust have you up at 5 writing a text
Trying to get