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I wanna be Rodney Dangerfield
I wanna be like in his movies
Don't wanna be like nobody else
Don't wanna be you, don't wanna be me
I just wanna be
Roll up put some game in ya ear
From hell I'm here, cells of steel, naw I aint playin this year
The game is real, it aint a game, its uh dangerfield
superb, slamming like a Laker
Swimmin' on MC's like moray eels with mass appeal
Your rhymes are jokes, like Dangerfield's

Boy, I'll tell ya, ain't no liver
Dangerfield, yeah we in the stu
Got Vic and Maris yeah they are crew (gang bitch)
Love them hoes to death, we 4L fool ( four four four)
4L in this bitch
I'm with
5. Rue Morgue (Dangerfield) 
Lead vocals Matt Dangerfield

Well I was strolling down the Rue Morgue
Walking with my French dog Andre
When I saw
6. Walk My Dog (Dangerfield) 
Lead vocals Matt Dangerfield

Well I've been working all summer and I ain't got nothing to show
I'm feeling kinda
always thinking at me evil
You're stepping on my heels, you're breathing down my neck
I'm not Rodney Dangerfield, so give me respect

Can you rock it like
the streets, and slang in my caddyville
Nigga are you gettin' it rodney dangerfield?
No respect, I'm a bet, you can bet that
I caught some cases, but it's
the national anthem
We raise it, you better praise it
Or you'll be made to feel like a traitor, we'll
Treat you like Rodney Dangerfield
Home of the brave is
better act a fool
Turn your college dorm to Rodney Dangerfield- Back to School!


[Ready Roc]
'Round here we blow treez (blow treez)
'Til our nose
than Smokey
Won't be no discussion, strictly head crushing
Lead rushin' through your body
You're in my Dangerfield like Rodney
Howdy, I'll back up in
'Palas still bounce like Hammer checks
Papi gon' get 'em like Dangerfield
Orale, you don't get no respect
Labels that hit Fern and Marty up
head rushin like Gotti
your in my Dangerfield like Rodney
so Howdy/let me introduce for my peeps
straight from the sewer
sayin true
used to rule
recess is over lets go back to school


goin back to school like Rodney Dangerfield
to the lunchroom where the cooks arrange a meal
on the Dangerfield 
And my shows, I bust em out just like a virgin 
Cause I get stupid but I'm smarter than a brain surgeon 
G. Rap is here to bury 
So duck
me as an enemy, Rodney Dangerfield of rap
I get no respect, I'm 'bout to take what they don't give to me
Drink so much my liver need a detox
And me
9.  Brickfield Nights (SteelDangerfield) 
Lead vocals Matt Dangerfield

Remember those dark nights down Brickfield
Never a blade in sight.....
country has become a danger-field
And it’s a shame cause we get no respect
Things look dreary black mommas eyes teary
Shouting getting pulled over is
Really got they knees on our neck
Rodney dangerfield
I swear we don't get no respect
I got a feeling
I can feel it in the air right now
Air right now
a shame, these rappers takin shits on the game
Rodney Dangerfield, aint got no respeck on the name
Real ones aint got no hope
Cause now Scooby Doo is scooby
At the Beverly Hilton Rodney Dangerfield
I'm having margaritas with the momasitas
I got a couple divas follow me the leader
Alcohol by the liter
What if I never took those chances
Sorry babe yeah I'm just a lil stressed hold up
They took my life I hadda steal it back
Just a young Dangerfield
Feel like I'm made to kill
Welcome to Dangerfield
Better be fucking
I aint came to chill
Body bag
This a lyrical shotty tag
Anybody want it could
Did it all for the block
Uptown shit downtown shit
New orleans
For the Block
Let's get this bread nigga
Nem V nigga
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