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my neck right

Ey ya hold up, pick a restaurant Chows or Chin Chin (5 stars)
Now pick a car, which one I ain't been in (ballin!)
Pick a watch, as long
We fly high no lie you know this (ballin!)
Foreign rides, outside it's like showbiz (ladies)
We stay fly, no lie, and you no this (remix
anybody K, California all day
Yessir, on the curb, Mossberg by the band
Little homies on the roof with the blam-blam-blam
Long Beach, popping pill on 'em
Yo, Ice, you been down with the struggle for a long time, man...
Why don't you drop some knowledge for these brothers who 
want to get involved in
So get it understood boy
I am from the hood boy
Came up from the dirt
Self made hustler ima beast(ima beast)

I'm surrounded by all
Come through flipping
Picture a nigga
So now I'm coming to get you next
Nigga trained for combat
Bomb on contact we can play fair
Y'all been warned sorry
Chemicals straight to the brain so that I'm fully equipped
I contain my mental anger
By letting it rip
From the chords in my pores
To the rhymes I commit
lonely to long
Oh, I can't be so strong
Take the chance for romance, take my heart
I need you so
There's no time I'll ever go

Cheri, cheri lady
at concealing dissatisfaction.
For so long people have been saying "No more war",
But for all those demands little has changed.
Seeing that the Peace Movement