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with the funk type shit
This is it, so get with the skit motherfucker

	Who am I E.D. the Green Eyed Bandit
	Who am I E.D. the Green Eyed Bandit
sono pieno d'energia 
ed il mondo è casa mia 
voglio vivere perciò 
ogni attimo che ho 
va benissimo così 
tutto il resto è solo lunedì 

the idiot savants

One man o.d.'ed on New Year's Eve
His dealer too happy to grieve
One man killed and another held out (the idiot savants)
Stupid wisdom
Vorrei ancora un attimo soltanto
Per il sogno mio d'amor
Ed io saprei rapirti con il canto
Dolcissimo del mio cuor
Ma tu non senti questo mio

Verse Two: PMD 

I'm a nightmare to rappers, terror to an MC 

Cold wreck the nigga wit the help of E-D 

Aggravation, don't need it, so get
knows I did not intend to be

Now that Suzanna just my type, man
A two dimples in her jaw
Now, that she ever mistreat me, man
I'd be force-ed to break
in his doped yellow chevy
Too O.D.'ed to be dropped
Kenwood's kickin out the funky big trunk
Clean with the rag on top, yeah
Rollin down the store,
I've O.D.'ed on "lonesome" 22 times
(But who's counting?)
You'd think by now - you would've died
I'm sorry girls - I tried
(Scream these words to me)
ball like Ginobli you bitches get D'ed up on
You mad at me go get mad at your nigga 'fore I put my sneakers on
He cop me this wrist game, now its just
get D'ed up on
You mad at me go get mad at your nigga 'fore I put my sneakers on
He cop me this wrist game, now its just us at the Knicks game
I might
Its a four letter word like fame
That fades and if you believe it

Your f-you-see-k- e-d

But how you sell soul to a
Souless people who sold their soul?
Dove sarai
Anima bella
Dove sarai

Questo mio cuore
In battere e levare
Tempo d'amore
Ed io ti sto cercando
Così forte
Che mi fanno male
povertà mia lieta
Scialo da gran signore
Rime ed inni d'amore
Rime ed inni d'amore

I got a lion heart I am always ready to start
All the girls are
and luck saw me through, I s]tayed until I'd finis]ed, 
Played what I pleased and poured out my sound
sayin E.D.'s? Cause ain't no future in yo' frontin

"To the beat y'all" "To the beat y'all" "To the beat y'all" "To the beat y'all" "To the beat y'all"
man fully strapped and I quote 
Don't flex, last chump who did, he got smoked 
Undercover, not D-T but E-D 
And wonder why you're spinning my records
Down will come the monkey, banana clip, and all.
Splat, (buck, buck, buck) it's all over wit'.
Another plan O.D.'ed over my war hit.
The way I'm
get up with my thugstas, right turn to the double glock
Pull to the curb, smoke with my hustlas
Puff, puff puff to the brain shot
Love P.O.D.ed
of common sense
I believe in my heart, the best e.d. is experience

I'll tell you now (I'm qualified)
You know that I'm qualified
(You know that I'm
Wanna get a pound of that floatin' stuff, some of that smoke and puff (puff)
And if you smoke enough you sure enough get P.O.D.'ed
Cleveland it's
and code it and I put it on your laptop
Bubble up poc poc
In my new bop bop
E’d up head up and I gon' beat a body up
This is immediate
We don’t need no
Bitch ass niggas sagging smiling for the cameras
Wannabe gangsters, O.D.'ed on mafia-movies
Dreamsy you smoking cigars, rolling with Uzi's
hold it down, so gimme that microphone 
And lounge homeboy, you in the danger zone 
When a brother like E-D is on the microphone 

Hold up, how y'all
trust in you niggas cuz yall be tryin' ta run G
Cause I don't like dreamin' bout makin' no cheese
Wanna see my muthafuckin' bank account O.D.ed

wit the instrumental
Who am I (E-D the Green Eyed Bandit)
Control my career so I can never get stranded
But the rest are gettin Brand Nubian
Changed up