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the books I haven't read

Well-worn paths, a glass of warm white wine
Getting older and I'm cutting it too fine
Something about surroundings you once said

Battle, hold firm the line in battle

Shoulder by shoulder, brothers at side
We may stand victorious or fall
This fine day, a fine day to die
It was supposed to be so easy...

Just take back the DVD
Withdraw that extra money
Tell mum I wouldn't be back for tea
Then grab my savings
How's this for opening lines? 
We'd like to blow your minds 
By telling you everything's gonna be fine 
We'd like to blow your minds 
Pick up
of ya head
Cause they phony like them silicone bags in stripper bras
Step one is defining it
And two is cutting it off

Spit fire always for hire
I've learned how to:
(Chorus)Cuss you out in Japanese, Organize my DVDs, Play Solitaire again, and I hear that your doin' fine, smilin' all the time,
It's many a fine lady has laid down beside me
With their flesh made of velvet and their eyes made of rain
Some tried to hold me, to hurt
a cutting edge there's a real fine line
And it's caught in come and go
And you're leaving what you thought you knew
To what you've come to know
Insanity, DVD, how I stretch 'em out
What the stress about? INS best out
Fact, you knew that before he left the house
Fresh at the produce section
Gaze at my
Get a move on darling
You're cutting it fine.

Cool it baby
I've got plenty of time.

So put a shine on your shoes
Put on your
Take away my heart, put it in the coals
Slice me up fine, serve me in bowls

Checks my eyes for signs of life
Masticated by the spasticated
I black
respect women's lib by letting them get their mace off
My dogs are hungry so I flick em with cutting your face off

Follow my lead, smoke weed and bleed
My heart's stopped pumpin but my blood is still alive.
The rain hits the ground and the trees they dry it up.
My eyes wake up but my brain is
feel you at my back

With that long black cloak and that sharp scythe
For cutting them all down
Your long black coat, a skull and a scythe
I thought I knew a way to be
But I'm not right here
Feeling out on a limb because I'm out of my mind
But it's fine

I've had a lot of time alone
P-I-impim nation wide
Niggaz on ly left got my girls to the right
Betta have my mony or it's on tonight
Don't be mad

I'm that
P-I-impim nation wide
Niggaz on ly left got my girls to the right
Betta have my mony or it's on tonight
Don't be mad

I'm that
With flows older than the first sold cold soda
Grow more for my bros those rojo soldiers
Them cincos are at it again, blow doja
I am like Iron Mike,
now, I'm crawling, I'm cutting, I'm cleaving, like a knife.

well I, I am a time bomb I only live in that one moment in which you die... its
Not right,
to collect interest and respect
By cutting out some things I thought didn't matter
Turned all of my whines into "doing fines"
It saves me so much time
the world is racing by tonight
We'll watch it run
And even if the end's begun, its fine
We can walk across our line
With our hopes and spirits high
Who knows
both eyes
It's time for breakfast but I don't want eggs
Just jelly and toast and bacon and legs
If you try to diss that's fine with me
Hug this is
the curtain falls on some forgotten life
It is because we all stood by, silent and indifferent
It's normal
Homie cutting crack like home made cheese cake
I get right, I get it right, I double back, I get it right
We make mistakes, but baby now is
[Newspaper, Newspaper, Newspaper]

I welcomed everybody I invited to the crib.
It was good to finally see them,
So I asked them how they been [fine

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