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Right now you are
down and out and
feeling really crappy

I'll say.

And when I see how
sad you are
you're gonna -- that one was -- it's getting a little irritating --
Dr. stewart: hang on just a second here. let me just step out a second here.
(Brendan "Brush" Shiels/Noel Bridgeman/Gary Moore)
I'm building myself a crystal ball,
Where I can go to find it all.
Surrounded by glass forever
the wing-nut ears
Who was waitin' in the car
Well, Robert Moore sensed trouble
He'd seen it comin' from afar
And Betty Coltrane she gasped beneath the table
Walking by Myself Lyrics
By Gary Moore
You know I love you
You know it's true
Give you all my love, babe
What more can I do?
Walking by myself
the wing-nut ears
Who was waitin' in the car
Well, Robert Moore sensed trouble
He'd seen it comin' from afar
And Betty Coltrane she gasped beneath the table
love it but I'm sure
I'd love a Henry Moore

I know a work of art when I meet one face to face
The trouble at the start is when you're feeling out
away from these demagogues
And these bad luck women stick like glue
It's either one or the other or neither of the two

She says, "Look out, daddy, don't
Written by: Words/Joseph Deeb, Micky Braun, Gary Braun; Music/Joseph Deeb, Gary Braun

She loved a party she loved a crowd

Now she wants nobody
more toys
Hit the lot by the grocery store

To me way, hay
Tow them away
The Lincoln Park Pirates are we
From Wilmette to Gary 
There's nothing so
to know about these guys" band.

We dance to Use Me by Bill Winters in a drunken stupor
Until ma and Gary tell us to go the fuck home and kick us out.

speed demon

I'm out to Nascar in a fast car to the last car
'Til there ain't no cars left
Enough cars go by with enough dust flyin' around to make you
about Demi Moore.
And it took me by surprise I must say
When I found out the Pope was gay.

I read it in the tabloids.
Elvis Presley's doing just fine.
belong together

I demand a re-write
Cut the scene out
Where I'm crying in the half light
And you shoot bullets through me
Make it more like pretty
Yeah, that's some good weed
You could tell by the look on my face
Ain't no way to hide that I smoke
And it smells as good as it taste
It's like Kush
Written by Gary White

One year later I saw her
Wearing a face in a strange disguise
Carried a smile they taught her
Gives it away at the edge of her
as you're telling me â??forget it.â??
But if I could tear his throat,
And spill his blood between my jaws,
And erase his name out for good, don't you
it even stronger
I'm out for this, betting chips, part of the rest
Disrespect, pardon my left
Gary Carter was a part of the Mets (Rest in Peace)
was raging out 1865
Riding, cloak is flying
Slapping in he breeze.

Money, give me all you have
Maybe I'll take your life
Cause the Hiway Man cuts
I'm old Tom Moore from the bummer's shore in that good old golden days
They call me a bummer and a gin shot too, but what cares I for praise ?
Green Grass
Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Written by Roger F. Cook and Roger John Reginald Greenaway

Peak chart position # 8 in 1966
Green grass
to eat
Now don't think me rude 
But that dress is so low cut
Your navel is sticking out
And not that I'm curious
But seeing how low yours is
I wonder
which says "God Bless All Here"

His guitar sounds like a wardrobe, and it's out of tune at that
His singin' voice it ranges from a sharp to a flat
(Gary Moore)

Ssh, don't say anything,
Here he comes.

I don't mind you going out with your friends,
If it's to places where we've both been.
But I
Written by Travis Tritt & Gary Rossington

When you told me you were leaving
Girl I didn't believe a word
'Cause to think that you'd walk out on me