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you just vamp all you wanna
I'll make them see who's your mama
'Cause he's no dog for a bony
My baby, he's got curvaceous needs
And gets his fix
Big round batty everything fits
Shapely body
She's so kris

Sexy body
She's so pif curvaceous figure
She's a Gorgeous chick
Each time we kiss
I'm in
last time I looked
And many have found pleasures in curvaceous women
We're excluded for our own good

When will the serum come again?

She's so slick and so curvaceous
The way she walks is quite contagious
Eager eyes follow her thighs and go, hmmm

The way she moves strikes
She's so slick and so curvaceous
The way she walks is quite contagious
Eager eyes follow her thighs and go, hmmm

The way she moves strikes a chord
Let's just say she's downright curvaceous

She's wild, wild, wild as my wildest dreams
Yeah she's wild, if you know what I mean
the snow-capped Rockies of Colorado.
Let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California.
But not only that:
Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain
A blue stocking suffragette 
Who remedied society between her cigarettes 
And Ophelia was the sweetheart 

To a nation overnight 
Curvaceous thighs
Southern girl, I'm her favorite man
And the sun is shining, darling to beat the band
I said you're a strong, curvaceous woman with all due respect
loss build it on as reference 
Till I become boss tell em all I'm equipped, It's curvaceous, it's amazing
Every time, It's the goal I chase, I want for
Miss Curvaceous a weh you get that body from
I want to know I want to know
I've been running you down for a mile
Never see a girl that walk and wine
Too complicated yoo
It's too complicated
Here we go yeah

Ladies around me acting
Like crazy nymphos
And looking so curvaceous
Acting real
booty so curvaceous
Pick Red or blue we in the same Matrix
My section chilled next to the mini bar
No extras here there in the cinema
Stop playing around
be patient
Waitin' on your location boo
Camo-cuffed-joggers with the Asics
Fly from ya' curls to ya' laces oo
Curvaceous all the right places
I'm goin'
and awkward
I just want a P31 with curvaceous hips
Who could match my drip
And stick-stick to the script
We pulled up to the function
Made it lit-lit then we
never fading (Ooh yeah)

Sometimes I get caught in how
Curvaceous your waist is, (Your waist is)
Or how yo stride so gracious 
Mama u so fine it's
my darling, splendid and ornate 
After all of my worries that it might be too late 

Here you are 
I'm holding on to my curvaceous star
As she sparkles
Weird science sci-fi from 85
Material-ize a Bonnie so we col-lide
Into each other curvaceous design
Key features arch da base of her spine
Her mind gotta
Ninte soundaryam varnnichente kili poyi
Sexy, curvaceous, topic vittu poyi
Paariparannu naamuyare, ayy, ayy
Ee lokam purakilaakki, ayy ayy
a sexual ex
Nails all these males selling seashells
Poked in the neck even with a full mouth she says next
Good gracious she's curvaceous 
She gets dudes
a trance as she did her seductive 
Dance and I can't even move my hands, Mesmerized by that curvaceous silhouette that Came across my eyes and now she got me
I sing
I hear you in every song I begin
You’re under my skin
Under my skin
Under my skin
You’re under my skin
Under my skin
Under my skin
Daybydayou  she gon feel it in when I dip 
She ride em cowgirl, curvaceous hips
we popped a seal before she popped them lips 
All her moanin almost sunk
pussies rap careers and all these heretics
Okay slouching on her (What)
Body so curvaceous (Yeah)
Home boy pounding on her (Huh)
Ass was so bodacious (Yeah)

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