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a worker for the server
I'm the silver surfer on cursers
I'm going further and further
Tell me I'm trippin'
Yes tell me I'm trippin'
Poppin' these pills
tötet Rapper mit Wörtern, hat im Keller die Körper
Oh oh, ein Mörder! Oh oh, ein Mörder!
Schnell weg mit dem Curser, wenn er das mal nicht gehört hat“
I was a casual curser
Full of  shits and fucks
Now I make 'em count
Now I say 'em just once
And I mean every letter
Yes I mean every sound
And she
undeserving, I am misfortune. I am undeserving, I am misfortune the curser and the unwilling never to change what I've done, and I suffer the consequence
She's an early morning curser
I try my best not to disturb her
Spitting gasoline and sparks 
We drank the poison in the dark
And it got later than we
a peep (Peep!)
Yeah, (Pew, Pew) Yeah,(Pew) Uh (Bih)Bleep! (Uh, Bih)
And I'm saying bleep cause I'm cursing at you (Cursing)
I got the curser on you, Baow!
of shit you do to prove a point
My nigga, you'll feel like a loser
I feel like a curse I'm contagious
And just like a curser my nigga I'm cursing computers
the same
Nothing to lose but everything to gain
Making moves across my city
I’m a curser, posted up observer
They lost in the wave I ride the wave I’m
leave me in pain
Ill write it into yesterday; Aye

My curser, my connection
To the person, I'm protecting

Witness my nonverbal expression of perception
for help
What is the meaning of this
Am I cursed or am I a curser
I can't let it get to my head
My sorrow is unspeakable
Yet the power of love makes me
she ain't cheap
She wears designer & guess what she drives a Jeep

And she doesn't need no blesser
Neither does she want no curser
She doesn't want your
a cursor
I could be your blessor or your curser
All dependent on your nature or my nurture
I could take it further
I could take it farther and farther
Feed My Fervor Keep My Curser To Be Preserved Or Disperse Into A Cloud of Peripeteia
Seen Much Of Nothing cept Where We See Us Neglect The Lesson Teach
underground, Plymouth Rock 
The loud mouth grouch in your house, Comstock 
The curser, verse with the worser thirster frantic 
The felony's swellin me, tellin
a chapter to the flaming curser & his pale apprentice

Wanna know what your daughter did?

Switchblade slut
Ugly dance
Demon fever
3-horned trance
and be drug free
with kenneth cole boots and sean john suits
and execution that top of the roof
who got the juice
show me some proof
the curser the rhyme
The curser the rhyme give me the loot 
Awake like an owl and drinkin some tea 
Watchin fights of muhamud ali 
Dodgin death with every step 
This is my rep give

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