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My cocaina, come manana
So I could blow a couple dollars
She see these diamonds on my collar
She wanna fuck a fuckin baller

Ballin, She wanna
and Click-ish
Like that there nigga, re-cop from Mack Diamond
Pop a collar one time, let me know you're still timin

I'm a Bay nigga, all in L.A. nigga

Not your everyday occurrence 

My rhyme torments MC's with the fear of God 

You'll be cursed like Farad, and struck by the iron rod
had enough, still I can't have enough
Something bout the engine roarin'
Soarin', wind in my face
Top down, take me to another place

seems like my hood is cursed
Bad niggas, I thought that the good was first
My old hawk she march with a foul parade
Don't learn shit, til another child
But like dancers that love to strip, they back up on my dick 
And of course, maybe it's because of the fact that I'm rich 
And the diamonds up on my
(I don't care what it did to them the game's been good to me)
Any by now, all, yi haffa forget fi we won!
Every time

I'm just a young black male,
War, I'm not a great big fan of it
War, is something that is scandalous
Oh no, oh no
War, is comin' by air, land and sea
War, is man's insanity
Rap Meyer Lansky crash your fantasy
Getting high fellas stand by, here's the plan, see
Sit back collecting Tecs and checks and
Blowing slow in a Montero
Immortal Technique and DJ Green Lantern
Third world mother fuckers!

I'm from where the gold and diamonds are ripped from the earth
Right next
Creep like centipedes, snatch stacks up from silly men 

Cursed by the wicked gin, keep peepers blue-fenced 

To my nested kin, I leave some Japanese
to Tiahuanaco and the Peruvian jungle I shall duly tell him of the catalyst which compelled me to those cursed black vaults in ancient Ur, should Hildebrandt