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Here I'm saying that I don't know where we're going
But we talk about everything and nothing at all
Curating your dreams with that computer in your
of the narrative
Unable to analyze the flow of information 
They hand over control to the

Self-iterating replicators
Curating the world scope of 
Scandalized my sense of station
My face poured in, and I woke up
Feeling like shit when I saw my ordinary face
I should start lifting weights
She fuck my friend when I'm done
I'm curating my future keana reve's  I'm the one
I hit that park and you step
Now you feeling useless
I've been up
I can feel you
All around me
Carefully curating
All you show me

I can't escape your lies
They've been designed to catalyze
We wanted something
Hoping not
To receive the burn of
Existential jokes
Influencing currents
Curating carbon
Automating Energy
Love seemingly
Common threads
last with
You, baby
What you trynna prove baby?
All of this is new baby
Curating all my love lately just to give it all to you
But you so ungrateful, you
them exalted.
No guards here tend the locks 
The lot self regulates
Renown's a treat they gain in curating their cage

That year passed 
The corn, cut
I would get verified on my very first day
But I don't wanna jinx it all
Whatever I say
Wherever I go
I just find myself creating my way
Curating pain
some change
Ain't no time for caping with fakes
Been too busy curating a taste
Only Bourdain, Wolfgang, David Chang and Bobby Flay could relate
the good Book
That's another data harvest that Zuckerbook just took
You're so busy posting photos and curating your lies
That you're blind to what's right in
confess that my religion
Took a detour down your sides
Just call me a scholar curating
A library of good times

You're the scourge of this bed
'Cause I'm
made of me
A and R wanna be pimps
Curating keyboard terrors 
Can't keep explaining my efforts
To people who can't make records
They got a blog with some
poses threats
Somebody looking out might pick up what you don't detect
Inspect a thought like I'm curating what I'm gon collect
Shoulder the load and play
Opaqueness is the end goal every time
Never acknowledging a dark side
Only light
Carefully curating
Undiplomatic versions of your truth
Unrestrained full
write it
And shout out to you if you pulled an all nighter
No promise on paper but in hopes of brighter
Futures for whom is curating the room
I ain't gon
to feds on the low 

Fe fi fo fum 
B**** I'm a giant
Curating waves like Poseidon 
Follow my rules will you comply
Click clack boom 
Now you decide 
in me
Cause if you with me, I’ma need you to stay with me
Senses of vagrancy, from lack of complacency
I swear if you play with me, you curating
I'm just not her to exist, I am here to Live
Curating the hits like I am Jonathan Swift
We Making this music right out in da Hills
Chasin the money n
than governance
Push to always move forward even if it's just an inch
Go crazy when it comes to curating self-image 
So I'm stomping on these grounds
Everybody wants to understand
Everybody wants to understand

Everybody wants to be alone in their cubby,
Every digital individual, curating their
Life's exhibition 
Fill leftover holes from the cutting room floor
Don't be ashamed
Stop curating, show that you're something more

I get by

Kyle prolly curating his greatest hits
Jat prolly be the next Jaden Smith
And I just wanna sit back and play this shit
Of how we all met, assembled
I swear that they all the same
This is more than a game
But if it is I'm Ryu
Standing right beside you curating a ball of flame
Burning down these

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