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spilled all over
Splattering both all red.

He wants to stop her,
So took a cudgel / smashed her head.

She was almost impaled
He could feel the cudgel
A pillar of gold shiny

And if I can pull it free

The cudgel is coming with me

Fasten heave ho, pillar of gold

Runs through the deepest darkest stone
itself as clear - confusion without peer
The cudgel of forlorn dreams - hits me square and final

Restoring the locust years

What you cannot do for
through constellations and were rutted by the storm
I crumpled under cudgel blows and finally came ashore
I spent the next two years or more just staring
many steps too far
You're the cudgel
Dripping with gold

I am improved when
Rhythmically clubbed

Deserving case,
Lousy deserving case
The trial was quick
Guilty the verdict 
Now strapped down tight 
There's nothing left to fight 

Iron Cudgel in Executioner's hand 
Swings come down 
As fast
cudgels and condemned to the filth
Set free to catacombs to rest
Now the truth sets in
There's no light to guide your kin
Disguised by time
Realized by man
next on the Curators menagerie, oooo tis exciting

Yee, solar powered king o the sun got a big cudgel jis cuz iss fun
Blunt instrumental destrucshun,
Hammered out
By the cud-gel
On the floor
Is splashed
The soft plush


The yellow wadding will fall down
The springs and the grey
Bones broken by a cudgel,
Craniums opened by stone thrown.
The horror is present,
Not even children are saved.
Total disgrace!

The haunting begins,
while all flees
Or giving warmth in the cold and lighting pipes of peace
And the warrior is reaching for his cudgel to hit out
Or to pound it down
and were ruttled by the storm
I crumpled under cudgel-blows and finally came ashore
I spent the next two years ore more just staring at the wall
We went
feared they would never be free

Every man and boy they could muster
With sword and cudgel and stone
They rode out to face down the dragon together
the knife
Let the cudgel wear away
Terrorize man, wild animals
And reptiles shake in terror
Why they don't seize the grey wolf
And skin his warm coat
My word
for us

From cudgel to arrow
From nerve gas to atom bomb
I can't stand it anymore
'cause the pressure's gettin' sore
Why do we conjure up devils

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