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I had a most distressing dream last night
I dreamed I was a crystal bird
Caught in perpetual flight

I'd ascend and glide and descend and ride
home by sunset

She asked me to give her a ride
She said she had to go
Dropped her off by the trism
Through the atmosphere by prism

Go trism
broken...the Dark Lands are bright, the Wraith of the Necromancer soars away in the night

Stealthily attacking
By-Tor slays his foe
The men are free to run
When the earth let you go
When the verdict is vermin
By the fork in my tongue
When you run out of sermon

When sooner or later
Is still not
Evanescent figures walk by my side
As I silently cross the borders of night
Their voices gently push me through a solid prism of noise

I hear them
If you're willing to wait for the love of your life
Please wait by the line
And you know dispersive prisms rainbow
But my native optimism isn't
If you're willing to wait for the love of your life
Please wait by the line
And you know dispersive prisms rainbow
But my native optimism isn't
The heath was hung in magic mist, enchanted dripping glades,
I'll taste a taste until my mind drifts from this scene and fades
In the night time.

I put my hands in the fire,
But I can't feel the flame,
Prism branding twisted night,
Fire reflecting a torchlight
A torchlight

I walk on ice,
off some steam
All your notebooks get thrown away
And you start your diary clean
Crystal glass lined up in a row
Watched over by the G.I. Joes
Blinded by the vision
I turn and face my back to the wall
Cause I'm locked up in a rhythm
The prism of a big glitter ball

Wrapped around your
Look deep into my crystal ball
See the dead smokin on trees and drinking alcohol
Underneath the street beneath the concrete
If you listen to the night
In a place far from here
Circled by mountains
Her skirts are raised
She gently sways
[?] deceive
Lady Genevieve
Blue of blouse
Crystal sphere
Trust me from way out here
The coast is crystal clear

It ain't about hate
Ain't about judging a book by its color
'Round here we're all
to the night
And crystal moon so dull and bright
My heavy soul can't stand the light
It burns me straight to the bones
My bones

In the desert sun 
The missing link
Shining glory
Freezing myth
Sallow mass
In the war they pass
Living by night
Never seen the sun
The rays against
Cold gloomy faith
done by me,
but Crystal we need real things tonight...
All the clay doves say they're hard done by me,
but Crystal we need real things tonight...
Tears of you in my hands diamonds on fire
I feel your pain in my ignorance of love
Time passes by as this night emptiness I feel
I know, oh I know, I
I love the black and white
I love the play of light
The way Contini puts his image through a prism
I feel my body chill
Gives me a special thrill
As the rainfall
Drums it's own tune
On the roof of the bandstand
Keep off the grass sign

By the lakeside
Where it leaves you Autumn
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The ship that sails the seven seas
Has finally brought me to my knees
It's not much to my liking
The people standing
I search for the truth I find no luck
I search for solace in my friend the rock
And I have a friend on the telephone
A crystal and some cash and my
as eternity unfolds
Lie the secrets within a funeral toll

Slain by the hand too close to see
Prism in their eyes for eternity
Blessedly fading for all
Night by night revealing, stares into his crystal-ball
Telling tales of past and future
When man was made and man will fall

watching and with patience awaiting the night
Angel whispers: "Mournful night, attractive night, your dark beauty obsesses me"
An angel bewitched by