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A Shallow faith formed into hate

Die - by the grace of god
Destroyed by their hate
Die - by the grace of god
The mistakes of life

As they ride
don't cry
I will only fly with you by my side
Baby I'm cornered now
Baby don't push me out
Lately I walk in doubt
Maybe it's crashing down
Baby can you
to the shoulder
Just to cry by the side of the road
How many times must I reach and grasp at nothing
Before I can let you go

In the hills above Las Cruces
showed me the way 

Go tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born 
He made
She was the rose of Sharon from paradise lost
From the city of seven hills near the place of the cross
I was playing a show in Miami in the theater
are best expressed by nature
Like the song of a sun
We split our roads in a race to power
Like we split the atom

Is it only love that you favor?
nothing to take with them. I'm flyinf out by Lincoln Hill, broken hearts beat still. Some stories never end, they just get told again with different
Walking through the halls of a desperate place
I see it on the faces 
All the mothers, 
All the fathers, 
Searching for some faith
Here I am
To a parallel prize

The walks by faith
The sight lines lie
How am I gonna tag along
With one tin ear
And one glass eye?
Well I...

I can't get there
with a pen named fountain.
accountant. afterhours sour faceplant.
pantomime saw palmetto wasteland.
war cry. saw myself in half.
at the puppet show with
Gentile, black man, white.
We all want to help one another.
Human beings are like that.
We want to live by each others happiness, not by each others