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This crumpled dollar bill in my back pocket
Reminds me I had twenty
What somebody said to someone
You think that worries him
Laid out
waits for sleep
That never comes, she'll twist her feet
They tangle in the crumpled sheets
She's always in
He's tired of borrowed beds and feeling
Alone on a train aimlessly wander
Outdated map crumpled in my pocket
But I didn't care where I was going

They're all different names for
Alone on a train aimless in wander
An outdated map crumpled in my pocket
But I didn't care where I was going
'Cause they're all different names for
screams a horrifying sound like a hundred crippled horses lying crumpled on the ground begging for a rifle to come and put them down
Another crumpled spine
Another year of abuse

It's not for us to say
It's not for us to say
But why not?
We went down
To the bank
there's nothing left 
But some crumpled concrete 
I shiver 
They are so very small 
The militant 
To be blunt or insensitive 
Overrated under
in your hall
Or sing your brothers in

Salute me sentry hollyhock
Exploding dandelion clock
In wisps of mist on crumpled rock
An ending to begin
the black

Woman driving, man sleeping
There's no radio to play
Sitting with the map 
Laying crumpled on her lap
Look for the toll money to pay

and crumpled pride
The night my piano upped and died, died, died

Love came down for many years
And lost her teeth with raindrop tears
Swelled her woodwork,
inspiration fails.

Ghost-filled discount parkas, sleeping bags
Peer at me from the crumpled dark.
Inky bruises punched into the sky by bolts of light

I tell myself I'm better off
No one can have me now
I see your crumpled photograph
It makes me laugh aloud
Laugh aloud

I reach for
in your crumpled splendor
When you sing to the farthest rafter
With your big life full of love and laughter
Can pull me up from the rabbit hole
Quietly, almost elusively
Almost invisibly,
I found that I
for a moment
Had slipped away.
Ripped in two, then pasted back again,
Then crumpled
The crumpled sheets of a long hot summer.
Stored images like an acorn, drop
Squirreled away, but still remembered
By the man in the photo shop

Rush hour
sideways atop crumpled sheets and no covers he decides to 
Dream up a new self for himself...
of desire
How peculiar these remain
Salvaged from the fire
For some I crumpled some I burned
Some I tore to shreds
Lifetimes later, here they are
Ones I
a sun-baked crumpled stony road

Dusty wheels leaning rusting in the sun
Snuff brown walls where Spanish lizards run
Here I'm shadowed by a dragon fig
Four hundred bones, crumpled in bed
I'm the only one who knows that you're still breathing
Beneath the blanket, of another French death
But they're only skin deep crumpled shells in a heap

Marked cheap
Surrogate heads of a no-no domain
Shoulders form rows to make waves again
and ring and ring
The shadows on the beat
The car abandoned long before, when I was free
A message crumpled said something
Yet the language was unknown
It could happen to you,
A defect from the
Wasted outskirts of Los Angeles
With a crumpled-up pass for the RTD
And no authority or trajectory
And once luminous spell)
O-D'd on life, life itself
(O-D'd on life itself, O-D'd on life itself, crumpled like grave cloths and
Hipped to the help
On the brink of destruction the world trembles in fear,
The madman is screaming, a crumpled corpse lying near,
The people are fighting for what's

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