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Maak een salade met croutons 
Van die blokjes net Vuitton 
Deze shit is fucking dom
We noemen het Louis crouton
Maak een salade met croutons 
Van die
Make your own custom croutons 
Make your own custom croutons 
First you're gonna need a little bread
I prefer to use at least two kinds
Cut the bread
Yeah, Yeah
I been, I been
I been way too gone
It's been way too long
Need that bread Crouton
Yeah, Baguettes I'm on
Got Louis Vuitton
Got Louis
ever im at i aint staying too long 
Coming for bread i aint talking crouton
The Bull shit we cut it out like a coupon 
I got my black mask black glove
that dick like a crouton
Bitch I'm really hard pull up ina hemi then skirt off
I been in my zone, tryna run me up a check
Like she said some dumb, I made
I been doing this for too long
In chase of the green the bread the crouton
The salad, boy listen up my ballad
On top of the game won't stop till
You good at shit
Like Barry Bonds
You fuck with me
Imma deck you gone
We struggled with money
Used a coupon
Mad ass fuck
With no croutons
You don't
Wake up in the morning , than I turn my swag on
Than I say a prayer than I’m off to the bag homes
All about my dolla get my bread like a crouton
Travelling the world sprinkle fairy dust and croutons

Two cops couldn't stop the way Este crops
Each hog's existence from the tick of the clock
I️ break em down like a huddle he like a crouton
I️ was in New Hope I️ told you my location
Wish I️ coulda saw my brother but okay Sean
If you ain’t
And with this stick you’ll get hit like my name was mulan
Niggas say they getting bread all I see is croutons
Hop in the space coupe take off like I’m jimmy
tone everything two tone
Leave you niggas crunchy like croutons
Back up in the biddy too lit yea
Still going in I'm going ape yea
Two tone everything two
Check out the roof gone
This here a new song
I need my tooth gold
These ain't no coupons
Salad wit croutons
All of my new hoes
Calling my new phone
I done made it outta here
2 times
Do you see it now my soul clear
Shoe shine
Ain't bout the bread don't be coming here
Price on they head
Siegerlächeln, so wie DJ Khaled
Bring' mir Croutons zu meinem Caesar Salad
Und zwar schnell, so wie Machine Gun Kelly
Denn jeden Monat wird die
Your bitch love when I break her back call back I get her a new phone
For the green you’ll look like a square but we still knocking off them croutons
AP 2 Tone
AP 2 Tone
She blow up my line, need a new phone
Get bread like crouton
Look for a deal woe, just like a coupon
Slept on like a futon
shawty mixed like Mulan
Smoke all of my gas she got good lungs
I’m trying to get me a few tons
I stay with that green like a crouton
I stay with that bread
smoking tons
Cus I'm like a salad wit sauce and croutons aye
I'm like a sale with sauce and croutons
That mean I'm dripping like sum dressing
She like
your dude's from? (Say it?)
Bread crumbs turned into croutons (Croutons)
Coming home with bags full of Vuittons (Dripping)
Bitch how did you get that

Too hot, too hot
Still I stay in Hell's Kitchen
I'm with the
Croutons, croutons
That Bread n Green my dishes
I need like
Two blunts, too blunt
It's time to move on
Not focused on what ya crew doing
I was taught to never fold I'm not a futon
I hold on to bread til it's hard as a crouton
Ridin with the roof on
Salad with the croutons
I'ma put the crew on
(Ridin with the roof on)
(I'ma put the crew on)

All of the eyes are watching
My shit a rocket I blast off like neutron
Fuck wit me once and I'll crush you like croutons
Shut the fuck up sit you ass on a futon
Still lookin

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