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down, down
Yeah Mr. Usher's on his way to town

He keeps his sights set straight and true
His idle hands wont flit or flutter
Never does he slip
Listen, by the time I'm done with you (done with you)
Ain't gon' be nothin' left to do (left to do)
I'm a take my time when I put it on you
We all cried at the ending
We all stayed for the credits
And I kept my ticket as a souvenir

Found our way by the usher's light
To a place
Usher speaking

What's sup?
My name is Usher,
You can trust there ain't
No punks in this house,
And if you really wanna know what my name is
U.S.H.E.R R.A.Y.M.O.N.D,
And I just wanna do right by my lady,
But lately I been slippin' up, fantasies bout dimes on the side,
Dark tint on my ride, I
If we borrow words
They'll have to be returned;
Keeping them would surely be remiss.
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night;
If we borrow words
They'll have to be returned
Keeping them would surely be remiss
The stars have acquiesced
By giving us this night
Let's just
A fair and stately palace
Gone mad within itself
No life around the forest
Circling the monarch's realm
The curse of generations
Upon the Usher clan
That is muted and soft down on Beacon Street
Then a bar or two of classical music
Will waft through the air
Newspaper adverts will usher
We're separated by steel and glass
In traffic trapped on the freeway, every body is a DJ
Looking down at our phones for the fastest way to get home
Solitary houses by the fjord
Rain is drifting in small water chains
Silent voices talking behind walls
Fire burning keeps us warm

symphin', they wanna be usher
Until they get they eyes n coffin closed by the usher
Them punches wont work you need more muster
Lord lay em down he need no
Once again my friend I try
to help improve another brother's life
by coming through with the righteous groove
Tells right from wrong, makes people
Violence, is it your answer, is it your plan?
Your heritage
A crossover between life and death
It's a must-be fan
Raging in its' cage
And I can
Count your blessings
Walk the line
Don't move too fast
Or fall behind
There are rules you must obey
They get re-written by the day
Don't do
Yeah, uh

Whatcha'll wanna do, huh?
Say you wanna get down, huh?
Watcha wanna do, huh?
Say you wanna get down, huh?

All we wanna do
Yeah, uh

Whatcha'll wanna do, huh?
Say you wanna get down, huh?
Watcha wanna do, huh?
Say you wanna get down, huh?

All we wanna do
The sway of distance
A suffering march
Lives tremble on and on
We usher burdens that see us through
Blinding light emanates guiding me from
starts out street to crossover
But not me, cause I`m the hardcore composer

You ain`t a writer nor a fighter you`re just a biter
I think you need

Person to person nation to nation
Heels dug in no communication
While the time speaks of weathering

We've been wanting to be helped by
Scared up raven yells
On the cemetery darkness fells
Smouldering firebowls
From eternity hell's usher howls

The vault hears a fatal
I feel like I'm being assassinated by boredom or something
I need some excitement, some adventure, some of that
You know that 'Je ne sais quoi', I
There was no sign of God just to usher me in
Then a voice from above
Sugar coated with love, said, "Let us begin"

You got to fill out a form first
The Reason and across the burning seas

Then, with your claw tear the earth to the halves

And usher me into the secrets of her bowels

Circle! Round

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