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life by the sword
And if you live by it, die by it, I'll still kill your horse
Set me up, coming back, like a thief in the night
I'll have a suicide
don't try to double cross me
Like Tennessee ghouls, I'll nail that ass to the cross, b
Revenge mode, I live life by the sword
And if you live by it, die
Fear, passion, or man's deadly wife
Desire the suicide!

I hold my cross among you lambs
Seven mortal wounds for my vanity
Stigmata of your mockery
Relish by catastrophe in battled by deceit, forfeit what is right for wrong to fall from his grace and the sight of his son.
Ravaged by
Sickle constellations 
Stud the velts that welt the sku
Whilst the Bitter winter moon
Prowls the clouds, dead,eyed
Like shifting parent flesh
Lurking among us, attracted by blood, hating the world for its
Love of a god, anciently ordered a soldier for death, stomping
On Christians
Not only you can burn.

The newspaper and TV fools came trudging 'cross our fields.
Said the shots that killed my brother came from his own hand.
and grenades
To blow up; I got news from the informers
I'm trapped in corners, busting shots at time-warner's

My man big ty, he know how to get by
begin swellin'
"Kill that muthafucka!" I hear voices in my head yellin'
Me get caught in a cross, that's absurd
Your head is a tennis ball and I'm
And cross-country running to kill evil thoughts
I'm surprised that I survived
I ran ten thousand miles with my back to the wall

I can remember the first girl
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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