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always question myself
Guess I'm too hard on myself
Criticism is my combat
I criticize
Criticism's what I'm good at
I criticize
Criticism is my combat
I just operate different
Y'all just acting ignorant
Dysfunctional thinking
Dysfunctional breathing
Why is it that I have problems with the things
wait, I overreact
You steady talkin' shit, on the phone, up in ya home, tellin' so-and-so how I ain't in my Zone
This is my response to the criticism, how
Yeah I'm flexin' it hard
Hard work is paying off
I get lot of criticism 
On my way to the top
Hold up gotta hit em' harder
Make em' insecure
Let 'em
Self criticism 

Willie sit down I need to hollar at you
What the business is Willie need to holla at you
Now I know you thinking high of yourself
But that don't mean it's true just 'cause you say that
I think it would be good for you to just lay back
Ay, 'cause I've been feeling like ass
you move

What about if that was you
That would the victim (victim)
Of the criticism and they treated you that cruel
What about if that was you
please leave the criticisms out
That's what youth need
We don't even want to care no more
No we don't
We only enjoy our life
By the way we craft it
should notice
Like the content of my lyrics
Please don't be oblivious 
And I'll embrace the criticism 
I just want to tell the world
My life throughout my
You said I'd never make it past
All these emotions in my head
I responded to your criticism by saying instead
Fuck you I did this all on my own (my
Criticism's fine but you get hit for lying, ooh
And I don't miss my misses, why?
Cause you know I am mister smooth
Make em' ride for it, ride for it
think i'm burying (is your opinion)
yea, down

you need to know that
i need to dispel criticism

i was thinking this while drying in the tank
'K, take his life
I pull that Maybach out the garage and ride
How the fuck you take that criticism? I know you tired

You ain't got no time to be
can't see what makes me so
I remember your criticism
I can't be an organism of your kind

Yeah (yeah), yeah, yeah

Well when I was a little older
My papa
it's true
I'm too busy surviving
Whether it's heaven or hell
I'm gonna be living to tell, so

Here's my question (My question)
Does your criticism
chala aur bhagta ja bs cold flu ki trah
I face criticism and you bark so that your negativity spreads like cold flu
Hu fanah uss gand se gaan pe jo bs
And they won't understand 
They can't see the metaphysical
Niggas really hating the criticism so critical 
Peace love positivity negative nigga
Let's get this understood off rip
Do not fear expressing yourself on a music tip
And if the criticism gives your mood a dip
Remember even Prince got
Let's get this understood off rip
Do not fear expressing yourself on a music tip
And if the criticism gives your mood a dip
Remember even Prince got
Criticism, poison, bane
Feel the burn
Run from this acid rain
It's so toxic, it's insane
Crash and burn
Venom falling upon us
Infection, raging over me
wanna make me think in, cash me up I'll feel alright
If you have criticism bring yourself out, please don't hide
My better thinking tell me stop all your
Let me tell all of you fuxkers, stay the fuxk away from me
Don't want nothing unless it's criticism or Hennessy
Let me start the party, pour sum up,
My friends beware, 'cause criticism is a knife
A sharp blade that's six inches long, a couple of words could take your life
And we don't wanna be no
Won't affect me
All of your judgments and criticisms 
They won't affect me 
All of your na na na na na na na na
Won't affect me 
All of your shit na na

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