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this rotting chow line.)

Can we recover?
We cover our heads and run for the gutter!

Toby Keith's horses and Toby Keith's men
Finally put us all
A parody of "Who's Your Daddy?" (Written and recorded by Toby Keith)
New lyrical adaptation by Cledus T. Judd, Christopher Clark and Frank Pierce.

Brought to you by, cool Keith
It's goona be that, it's gonna be that shit

Lounge homeboy you in the danger zone (x8)

Verse 1:
Keith Murray is this mic phychosis
a southern drawl, 
Acts like Toby Keith, but sounds a lot like Tim McGraw 

But if he's country I'll kiss your ass, 
And throw all my Willie Nelson records
Of luck, Jack, fuck that, grab your nuts and shout
(Ain't you the Masta?) Yep, I've always been
And then, I'm a stab a fucking critic with his