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Ray Crisp  


Tell the fuck niggas I keep it crisp

Ayy I keep it crisp
Medical aid niggas can't afford the drip ayy
I hit it once and tell a bitch she gotta dip
Fuck them all
Imma die a baller
Woke up in la
All these model bitches taller
All my nails is crisp
All my dollars crisp
My whole fit is crisp
When my belly starts a-rumblin'
and I'm Jonesin' for a treat,
I close my eyes for a big surprise
the Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch  

I love
hurried kissing
And a crisp sunrise
And a crisp sunrise
And a crisp sunrise
And a crisp sunrise
I miss lounging on a balcony
And the ability
To hear life
This one goes out to my hometown Kemblesville, Pennsylvania

Let's do it

Hey you're my evergreen
Air around is crisp and clean
Even though much is
a bag so these bitches stay crisp
Milk, cookies, soda, chips
Milk, cookies, soda, chips
Milk, cookies, soda, chips
I keep them in a bag so them bitches
I'm pulling up im kickin yo do'
We takin' off like a ufo
Fuck with me you gon' get throwed
Gta bitch we don't tow
Ice so blitz 
Swag so crisp
I don't
we gon' split a bag, paper gotta stay crisp
I won't eva come in last, I ain't eva gon' trip
Cause these days, that type of shit just don't exist

Brinks truck
Blue bucks
Yeah I want them c notes
Blue strip nice crisp
20 50 10's fa sho

Brinks truck
Blue bucks
Yeah i want them c notes
Sippin a mojito
Drip is so clean tho
How'd he get so crisp like this?
So Mint, So Mint, So Mint
Sippin a mojito
Drip is so clean tho
(on what?)
Diamonds on wrist
Diamonds all lookin' all crisp
Ice when you look at my wrist (my wrist)
Lookin all crisp
Diamond on diamonds on fritz (on
you it’s all for you
Girl I like your hips and tigh
Everything crisp and nice crisp and nice
Everything I said is true
Girl I did it all for you

giving a fuck

Me and my homies are trying to get rich
Paper so crisp that it always stick
Spend it so fast but it come back quick
And in-between that
Hair whipped cut crisp that's what fresh afford
New kicks new fit that's what fresh afford
New whip take trips that's what fresh afford
That's what
a nigga double take
Want that Ruth crisp 100 dollar steak
What you get you take take
Attitude got you dripping like the fucking Great Lakes
Check my
You meet so many people
Why can't you forget them all?
So many hands have touched the orgy crisps
So many hands have been in this
So many hands have
Winter winds through frosted trees rattle crisp and darkened leaves
And all our fires trail into purple skies
Pink cheek faces on the panes stare
Like a worn out nag
With a busted knee, staring down the light

Come on crisp 
The fresh fruit
Dracula fangs to the pale seering tart
It was my only stability
I fell in love with an abandoned crisp packet
I fell in love with a discarded crisp packet
I fell in love with
The way it
Will be
If you
Take time
To be
In the
Next life
I'm thinking of
A time
Everything will be
Just fine
Cause I love
My life
Chris, was crisp with Chris 
Like Chris was crisp like Chris was crisp 
Show yourself! Show! Show! 
All the city was coal! Coal! Coal!

All the city
pause, or fast forward past the hardness
Visions written bring words to life like I'm smitten with
Memories real, still ill, now I appeal (appear?) crisp
A pillbox crisp 
Offer, offer, it was not an unreasonable offer 
A pillbox crisp, that French git
The spikes he left in the bathroom
And I never
Speed through the lanes like Tokyo drift 
Strike a nigga down with the wolf fang fist 
Nigga so hot I'll burn you to a crisp 
I don't wanna hear it Bitch

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