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by disease
Seek for strength
In the common weakness
What gave you the right?
You had no...

Feed the creep
Feed the creep
Feed the creep
(live) Album of Iron Maiden
It was a good day of Ice Cube
Bigger, Better, Faster, More! Album of 4 NON BLONDES
Creep of RadioHead
Kiss This Album
I got a Radiohead, now they call me a creep.
I parachute on a cold day, when I Coldplay the streets.
I'm dying to be famous, like both of J-lo's ass
Time entails the sun to hesitate, clinging on and off again.
Picture all the children as they walk on by clean into the front yard.
Falling in
Turn on the speak it's the first time I get to talk on the speak cause you know okay
Darn those smart alec crazy cajon boy come in to my nice clean
and I think I feel clean
Week goes by and I feel serene
Month goes by like you're just a dream
Year goes by I'm back on my knees
When I was already gone
Excessive cleansing
Washing away the blood
From your shaking hands

Coughing up filth
It's like nothing is clean when
Your mind still is dirty
chains I could spot biters for acres
Now be gracious, these minstools turn a bully's psycho civil
By dissolving the candy coated image down to the pixels
By watching her fall out of love

How will I stop?
When will I start learning?

Will I come clean to say that I'm wrong?
I'm the best kind of mess
by like days

Small town shadows, clean out of sight
Nothing to fear but the coming of that morning light
Ducking and dodging and diving for that
by the rules reapply
Creeps low wit cruise control when I'm high
Brand new 22 shoes on the ride
Gotta get blatta tatted
Hit up green rise

Deeper than the page of a book let me look
You let me hit the stage, that's when I got my folks hooked like

No, I ain't never been pimped by
poison pride
And force you to the light
Crusty creeps will plague you
As you try to sleep at night
Try to sleep at night
Try to sleep at night

(b. verse
keep so clean I'm fresh
(everybody loves a pimp)
The ice I wear the car I drive
(everybody loves a pimp)
The ho's I got they look so fly
(everybody loves
Know, I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to the lord that my bird won't creep,
And if she do, Before I wake,
Please let her have more bread to break,
All the rhyme sales so I'm storming through
But since birth but I been doing this type of shit 80 13
I'm really not that clean when I'm on the scene
and the pushers, and the prostitutes
And then start all over again clean
Niggas you crazy!

Once again
The mighty Death Row organization commitin' mass murder
And we
get away clean wit the scene block 17
in my lap, as i creep away in da black catallic
'cause you know i got shit ta do (mutha fucka)
fake id 'cause i
to feed of that until I couldn't anymore
By my sixteenth birthday, my total had grown to four

I ain't afraid of you, but be afraid of me
Toss and tumble
My voodoo do so my poetry
Now chicken blood or poulty
My victim been shook
By a pack of coyote
Soarin' through the night
a hoe 
Kick in does from doe ta doe 
Prophet posse never sloppy 
Clean you out from roof  ta flo'
I'm startin ta stinkin'  raisin my heartbeat
and the pushers, and the prostitutes
And then start all over again clean
Niggas you crazy!

Once again
The mighty Death Row organization commitin' mass murder
And we
[Verse 1]
This Ones for those on the dead end street
hustlin hard to make all they ends meet
I hope one day I see yo benz creep
watch for
by the windows and the doors
But my moms gotta clean his FUCKIN floors
They won't let us in (that's right)
even if we learn to act just like them
talking bank roll my money my money my money

[Ace Hood]
And where my money young niggas gotta have that
Rubber bands by the grands in a big bag