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to hell

Creatures of the night
Blinded by the light
Creatures of the night
Creeping through the night
Come on little babe, let's break the law
asked this lovely creature
Yes, I asked; yes, I asked
Would she walk with me a while
Through this night so fast

She took my hand, this lovely
the place
Where we can dance in the night
And I, I feel the trance
That fills your eyes so bright
Come with me
Here we are the creatures of the night
"Few creatures of the night have captured our imagination like vampires.
What explains our enduring fascination with vampires?
What is it about
of the fright
She's the creature with the scythe
She's a creature of the night
Staring at the horizion, praying for the sun
Don't let Satan kill the golden bold
the night
Defeated by the prince who was a thousand
All gods could not withhold the nameless
The terror that lurks outside
Creatures of light and darkness
All God's creatures got a place in the choir
Some sing low and some sing higher,
Some sing out loud on a telephone wire,
Some just clap their
Careful where you hide, secrets come alive
Walk right by the evil things, slip into the night
I am the creature and I'll roam
I've lived
watching barristers 
In flight see them disappear from sight on this fair 
And starry night though I'm by myself 
I am not alone there are lots of little
The unsuspecting maiden 
Will be clutched from where she sleeps,
And taken away to a hole down under
The water and that's for keeps.

By the Creature from
Lightning in the haunted claudy sky
As the wizzard stears the blood
Whisp'ring Lucifer's spells through the night
Creatures wincing in the gut
Catching ladies is my delight
So I go fishing by shiny night
Doesn't matter black or blond
I threw my worm into the pond

Water, water in
Awakened by the hands of Autumn
The hands which made me sleep
Straight in the eyes of Winter
Was a shadow, vague yet deep
A creature, spine
Charmed like a flie
By the artificial light
Going round in circles we are creatures of the night
Moth to a flame
Fluttering in vain
Girl you
The night before Christmas alone in the dark
Not a creature is stirring except for my heart
This old house without you just don't feel right
Oh, what
through nocturnal eyes
The endless day, the night pitch black

Eclipsing the suns from the world
Leaving darkness and fear behind
Creatures rule this
Double feature
Dr. X will build a creature
See androids fighting Brad and Janet
Ann Francis stars in Forbidden Planet
Oh-oh at the late night, double
Cold winds forged through time
By clash of thunder in the night of storms
An unborn power is invoked
Of ancient times - yet young
By the full
The unholy side by side
Bloody hope to mortals given
Spirits of the dead crawling through the night

Captured by insanity, captured by reality,
Monsters want to talk to me
No quarter drawn by lawyers on a crimson sea
Weep like willows, break like waves
We are fragile creatures on collision
made the darkness bright
Greater lights to rule by day
Lesser tights to rule by night.

Nothing or no one can change them
Adjust or even rearrange them
And the love we all need
Was running hard to be free
It got caught up in the forest
By the branches on the trees

By the creatures
In the night, the demon's heart
The spawn of hell is born

Creatures of the dead alive
Awakened by his call
Demons out of hell arise
To feast
is the light
And the night night is as black as the sea oh yes

(There will be peace in the valley for me some day)
There will be peace in
the Russian hills, 
A Victorian explorer found the regal Hogweed by a marsh, 
He captured it and brought it home. 
Botanical creature stirs, seeking revenge.

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