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Thrown in together by life's crazy whims
That pepper and salt like their unshaven chins

Harry and Joe lean to and fro
They lean on each other
wor-are-are-are-are-mmmmmmmm! I'm goi
Pretend I'm squirting them on you! whoo! wheeeee! almost gotcha!

Not now, rhonda! ow! oof! oh, I love this! hurt me! hurt me! oh,
Harry at home
And under my cowboy hat
I?m worried sick you know
All I ever wanted was to
Live by the sea
I?m a love junkie myself
Baby, come and fix
5'9" in a skintight dress
Standin' by the bar lookin' unimpressed
Walked up, asked her how she liked the set
Looked me up and down and she just
Yeah, P!
(La musica de Harry Fraud)
I could tell by your beard you don't love Allah
You got the Bryant Gumbel face

It go, waste removal, we