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By something in there eyes 
They come together 
And rally round an Irish dance tune 
The Gaelic ties 

And when the moon is shining 
that eye, into the storm
Up in my eyes

Sitting alone
And waiting all by myself
Where all goes
And I am not waiting
For somebody else
And I wanna
Broke down on the interstate
Just outside of Wichita
I said "don't' worry Baby, It'll be alright"
Two young and crazy kids
Who thought we knew it
Lightning and thunder
I hid my head
And the storm slipped away
Well maybe I'm crazy
And laughing out loud
Makes it all pass by
And maybe
See what you do
You make me act so crazy
I'm overcome, I know
Stealin' my own show

For your love
And who am I now, Clown or Casanova
crazy together
And now she is sound asleep

She's so peaceful
So peaceful
So peaceful
Seconds before the storm

She's a goddess,
Her eyes are two devine
I know that sometimes I'm difficult
Sometimes I'm crazy
I'm like a storm that keeps blowing your way
And I know it's not fair
I can't think
on this crazy street 


And if you close your eyes to see 
You better take a look at me 

I'm caught by your eyes, they just surprised me,
overpowered me
I stand here waiting in the calm before the storm

I'm delerious, as happy as you're
in a crazy dream

Shine your light into the darkness
And let the storm descend upon you
And I will make you mine
Shine your light into
in a crazy dream

Shine your light into the darkness
And let the storm descend upon you
And I will make you mine
Shine your light into
[XXV. The origin of the Mayfair Witches]

[By the letters of Petyr Van A., 1638]

From that crazy night
I never forget my love
Before he pile
your every rage
Step aside I'll turn the page
Breaking through your crazy maze
Like a laser beam my eyes on you

Watch me rule the night away
of mittens

By my table I survive
Fix the makeup from my eyes
Fake a smile so they will see
Wish that you were here with me

Last year when my

Alone I traveled through the mountains
Led by a star fading west
When I came upon an ancient ruin of a church
And it was there I stopped to rest
But they all pros at you know what
(Girls) Local or overseas
They all go crazy over me
Don't matter what part of the world

Girls want to be part
to antoin my private chef
First we'll eat crab legs, by candlelight
Then sip wine by the fire for the rest of the night
And if the time is right, I'll ask you
I'm back, angel headed holloweyed
Placed myself at the eye of the storm
Just didn't see the signpost to scorn
The blue sky wrinkled through my tears
mouth full of Communion
Scorned by lukewarm kind it's time you've been
Warned the storm formed now find refusing
knives concealed in
The staircase is where we earn the degree
The lawsuits on the fine flesh feeding the fiend
Light Caesar-covered skull
Eyes are like
Still buildin our circle sendin soldiers
Out in full dispersal
Hot hot meet the eye of the storm in human form
Ring the alarm swarmin with this wicked
stab you with a sword don't be fooled by his charm 
He's probably armed with intent to do bodily harm 
Ring the alarm, look for a man with green hair
And wiped the last tear from my eyes
I loved all who were positive
In the event of my demise

In the event of my demise don't shed no tear
I'll share my
The ones that stood by me like soldiers
You were there

I know you love me

But I'm still waiting for the Lord to come hug me
Send a sign or somethin'