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A Milli [Explicit] (Lil Wayne) · Ekki Er Allt Gull, Sem Gloir... Skamt Er Öfganna Á Milli (Current 93) · A Milli (Lil Wayne) · Essential Doo Wop: Crazy Crazy Crazy (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Crazy Crazy Hits: Crazy Christmas Hits (Crazy Frog) · Cane Fire (The Peter Moon Band) · Brother Cane (Brother Cane) · Stripping Cane (Jeffrey Foucault) · La Cane de Jeanne (Georges Brassens) · With a Cape and a Cane (The Joggers) – and 90 other albums »

motherfuckin grammy
To those punk motherfuckers, Milli Vanilli"
was alive?
Would all these niggas still be screamin' out "ride or die"!
What if Milli Vanilli's record never skipped on stage?
They'd be the illest