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Like a parasite I wanna be your Tiny Tim
Like a parasite burrow inside underneath your skin
Like a parasite I wanna crawl all over you

I can tell by
can tell by the way you are looking at me
we'll be together tonight
like a parasite
like a leech
like a parasite
I want to be your Siamese twin
Exposing you to my world
Face judgement on my terms
Paved into life by you
No point in hiding the truth

Fall of the parasite!

Explode- gonna bring
Trading their lives in for the glamour of tar
When I found out all my heroes are just parasites
Where are the good people
Compromised by the road we have
a look and see me coming through
For I am the parasite who travels two by two.

When lifting the mask from a local clown
And feeling down like him
Nothing is left

Human parasite
Human parasite

Conscience settles into comfort
Still bound by tragedy
To an earth that heaves with ruin
Contempt in
and the gray baboons
The birds eyeing you with stern regard
Mosquitoes driven mad by the lust for blood
Lose all precaution in this bloodied frenzy
Corrupted desolation 
the sound of glass between teeth 
I belch the suicide of guilt 
naked body on display 
parasite my heart
Determination. Resistant.
Iam resistant. I am resistant.
I refuse to be consumed by this parasite.
I refuse to be consumed.  That's draining life.
Which one of them will ever know
What it?s like to get high on sweet inspiration

The critics are lonely souls
Their job is a thankless one
passing by
Tunnel vision under the eye in the sky
Who do you trust?
It’s on the currency man
What is so hard?
Don’t you understand?

Selfish lives
Gone are
to be free
The unpredictable sense of a short road
An epidemic that comprehends

Vindictive presence, conceived by me
The ultimate empathy
Resting in the Mediterranean, yeah
Sending the tax man on the run, yeah
Displacing a city one by one, yeah
A techbot in a condo being scum, yeah
As parasites we grovel, through the dust
A temple devoured, by the ancient fires
Autumn falls hard on restless flesh
Persistence buried in
I have diseases
And it pleases
The parasites
I am the flower
Of the hour
I gotta fight
I am the demon
Swim like semen
The other way
So all
Dark skies swirl above, around the only one I love
Emotions of mine devoured by parasites
Feeders of refuse grow, care taken not to show
Sacrificial offering
Draped in holy shrouds
Thirteen candles blazing
Conjuring fiendish terror

Born into nothingness
A parasite arrives
Is this the in place to be?
What am I doing here?
Watching the girls go by, spending money on

Sleep all day
It's the only way
I'm a parasite
I creep
We bleed
Like the rest of you pigs
We breed
Fuck like the rest of you parasites

We plead
For an end
The need
For selfishness
We bleed
Is this the in place to be?
What am I doing here?
Watching the girls go by
Spending money on

Sleep all day
It's the only way
I'm a parasite
Dirige Nos

Kept alive for eternity by this throbbing parasite
Distorting , numbing , mind reducing - Eternal life through this horrid growth

"Saying mass
as far as we can tell
The world has a hungry parasite that's called the human race
And we're powerless to stop it we're resigned to our own fate
And no
Paralyse the actions of the weak
Force fed propaganda preying on the meek
Individuals resisting defeat
Manipulate the colonies, infected by their
some love
No rose by the be blinded by the 
I kill it with my thugs
Winning all bitch so lame

Spending money like I'm crazy more money
More money
Sanguinary disinterment
Necrobiotic rash
Gnawing, throbbing anguish
The gullet is now mashed
Pungent excruciation
Flesh mummified by lice