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of a merry man moping mum
Whose soul was sad and his glance was glum
Who sipped no sup and who craved no crumb
As he sighed for the love of a lady

run run run run run
When we begun I craved your love
You pulled me under
(I craved your love)
You can't run run run run run
that fits you best
to dance alone

Was not enough?
Was not enough?
Was that enough?
You craved more

You needed the flavour of a new born
but unblemished
I’m playing with fire
I'm the villain, baby
Just like you wanted, just like you craved
Something so funny when I misbehave
Never gonna follow the order
Yeah I craved your love but you ran away 
All you got is scars 
All I get is pain 

Let it resonate 
Baby just meditate 
Yeah you love my pain 
out alive if I craved you, If I craved you
You'd never want me so deprived, got you runnin, got you runnin
Oh chéri, chéri, chéri
Oh chéri, chéri,chéri

Yeah I envy the moon cause he follows you home 
Didn't know how I craved you, now I know 
Yeah I envy the moon cause he follows you home 
and take me
I've craved
A fake lady
Play me
Break me
Make way
I want to go
But my soul says stay
Come and take me
I've craved
A fake
my fingers back
By the moted beams
I am floating in a ray of sun-rapt rime

I heard her sing before I saw her
I craved her voice between the silence
Corrupted mind  Brainwashed  Addicted illusion  Create desire    Hardened emotion  Pointless motion  Sink into greed  Craved excitement    Corrupted
you'll find out that everything you dreamed of wasn't who stood before you
One day I won't be craved the way you crave me now
As this pedestal crumbles
he was all based
Struck the mind as alluring
For DePaul, this was something new

A beaming light that life craved for
Who knew that was all faked
Back in nineteen sixty-four
The Beatles had a sound that we craved for more
Merseybeat was the latest sound
Magic tunes were all around
Mop tops
Have you ever craved a comfort person?
Someone who is there when anxiety is hurting
Have you ever craved a comfort person?
Someone who is there when
where you been.
You got to fly right baby, if you want to get along with me.

In '41 I was your fool, money was all you craved.
In '41 I was your fool, my
The Master he gave us tools to despoil all he ruled
Plasma cannons spewing death on anything that dared protrude
But we craved for power, the wars been
it's tongue raw. And still do
Atop each mountain it craved
Yet a higher mountain. And in each city it craved
Yet a bigger city. And still does
We sang along to all our favourite songs
We danced all night, it felt good to be alive
We drank so much, we craved that human touch
We promised our
want everyone to know
 They're gonna fly up, get an eyeful
 Everything that's craved from me
 I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be outrageous

We have craved them
Their beauty and their truth

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
Believe, believe, believe, believe
Breathe, breathe, breathe,
victim to your touch
When I first came here
I sought and craved its constant clutch
When I first came here
I fell victim to your touch
When I first came
Welfare State
Need escape
Stay up late

The Dance Hall
Four on the floor
You craved it all

Just in time
In your prime
feel like to be wanted
What does it feel like to be craved in night
I won't deny
I wish that was mine
I've come to terms with the fact
I'll never be
and all those lazy days
When you wrapped your heart around me and you'd say
That my love for you was all you craved
Oh I'm still in love with you just by

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