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of a merry man moping mum
Whose soul was sad and his glance was glum
Who sipped no sup and who craved no crumb
As he sighed for the love of a lady


Yeah I envy the moon cause he follows you home 
Didn't know how I craved you, now I know 
Yeah I envy the moon cause he follows you home 
you'll find out that everything you dreamed of wasn't who stood before you
One day I won't be craved the way you crave me now
As this pedestal crumbles
The Master he gave us tools to despoil all he ruled
Plasma cannons spewing death on anything that dared protrude
But we craved for power, the wars been
it's tongue raw. And still do
Atop each mountain it craved
Yet a higher mountain. And in each city it craved
Yet a bigger city. And still does
want everyone to know
 They're gonna fly up, get an eyeful
 Everything that's craved from me
 I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be outrageous

We have craved them
Their beauty and their truth

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
Believe, believe, believe, believe
Breathe, breathe, breathe,
victim to your touch
When I first came here
I sought and craved its constant clutch
When I first came here
I fell victim to your touch
When I first came
short a time 
Lusted and craved, swopped it for a grave for too short a time... for too short a time 
Breathed achieved was well received for too short
young honey
He thought she craved his body but she only craved his money 
She cleaned out his bank account then ran off with his drummer
Left him where
dreamt names for you
It's true
No one makes me high like you do
And I craved for you
I lost sleep with you
Who knew?
No one loves me quite like you
had an ornamental veil, I can't bear to use it

With the way my hair was cropped, I craved, craved covering
But now that my hair itself is a veil
to black
I'm not coming back
I know I can't last
'Cause I feel like I'm dead to the world

I feel like I'm dead to the world

I've craved the feel of your
the life she craved 
Brought destruction upon her faith
Holding on that maybe one day she might be saved
Every moment she let slip away
Brought her closer
Of summers and suns


Cause you're a real gone kid

I cried and I craved
Hoped and I saved
And I put away those souvenirs (souvenirs,
Smashed to bits
In the peace of the night
He craved power
And, to keep in
He'd change his spots
Or, shed his skin
(he craved power)
Smashed to bits
just want to feel this, we don't have be rich
Save your soul look to sky
And I got the microphone
I got the microphone

You craved the feeling that
Saloman hung down her head
Laid bare her heart for the world to see.
She craved for intimacy.
Through darkened doors her aspect veiled with
Oh I can't face
The way I've behaved, but I just craved
To be in his place

I told him when we met
I told him I was afraid
That you'd just play
this is the only place I know.

I've craved for the cold,

I can't seem to let it go.

Cause this is the only place I know.

The flickering lights,
still burn on
The bliss we craved
Our favorite songs
Here in this place, forever young
The way you dance, the way you move
How I can't take my eyes off
(craved right in my chest) 
climb up your way there
why don't you tell them? 
Forget your ways
(They're a part of me, a part of me) 
Hold on you'll
we began I craved your love you pulled me under
you can ́t run run run run run under water
when we began I craved your love you pulled me under
And I
Baby's gone away for several days & I'm awake & I'm amazed I haven't shaved I haven't bathed & I'm dismayed to say I craved to all I craved I've

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