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never look
Back and when the feeling came back
I just understood that was my nook
No cranny imma niche individual 
Imma need an individual to cease
and every cranny
And you're nowhere, nowhere to be found

And the day I found out that I'd made it to thirty
I was lying in my bed
I had made the decision
every nook and cranny

Eyin solo makinde
Omo yen ti korede
If you like no leave my matter oh
Eni duro ti olamibade
Solo makinde
Omo yen ti korede
If you
some books
I ain't going fishing today but I got some hooks
Imma Needle In the Haystack, cranny in the nook
He ain't put in work like us, don't give
Plow the hills and crannies of the world again
I don’t know where maize fields end

I have still not figured out the cause
Why do farmers harvest bananas
Promise I'm dodging the hooks 
But I'm not curbing my words
Crannies been following nooks 
Cages been Curving the birds
I know the fodder Get cooked 
a gift of rhymes like it's a book (Book)
And some will try to say that I'm a rook when they look
But really to me this is my cranny and nook (Cranny
the family 
She just wish for wood
All up in it in it nook and cranny 
Girl that shit to good
Tryna stack it 
Stack bread in my pantry
I remember moving
Picture panoramas of all the pretty places
Seeing all the beauty in all these lovely faces 



La la la
We'll land in every nook and cranny
La la
to doubt me (yeah, doubt me)
I looked through all the nooks and crannies tryna find what you need (yeah)
I stack it up and I spend cash money on bling
it and then cooked that shit
And what we gave back was crack music
And now we ooze it through they nooks and crannies
So our mammas ain't got to be
every nook and cranny
I mean, it's still amazing, before they couldn't stand me
These walls want to cry tears
These walls happier when I'm here
family too
Because the money that I make be puttin cable off in every room
So follow the fiends, follow my lead through the nooks and crannies
the nooks and crannies
It's everyday life off in my hood so come and holla at me

But go 'head on, with that foolishness bitch
Let me get lovely with my
and cranny and garbage canny
He inspects so thoroughly
When he's on his rounds, nothin's out of bounds
To his curiosity

He can smile and purr at a pretty
vacant more than a minute
These walls are vulnerable, exclamation
Interior pink, color coordinated
I interrogated every nook and cranny
I mean, it's
Every nook and cranny has its tears
I'm not playing, I'm not pretending
I'm not nursin' any superfluous fears

Ain't talkin', just walkin'
Dem claim dem a lock fi rudie 

Dem spread me out pon a zinc fence 
Bok off mi cap 
Before me say who dat 
Mi end up in a jeep back 
The sufferin' is unending
Every nook and cranny has its tears
I'm not playing, I'm not pretending
I'm not nursin' any superfluous fears

Ain't talkin', just
Yeah, I'm free of bondage 
It's the every day life if the under privilege 
Taken into custombadly treated 
Curfew inner city ever nook and ever cranny
Comes to nooks and crannies, is bound for all stars

You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle
You make the knees of my bees weak
Through every nook and cranny
Looking for trannies
Milk and cookies
Spilt on my silk negligee, lookie
Razor blades with me
To make you bleed
fallin on me in a breeze, the seas partin
It's two men awesome, uncanny
The handy man crook, the rap gank where every damn nook and cranny
Plus four
was. He, Waldo, alone understood this. He had intuitively grasped
every nook and cranny of her psyche. He had made her smile. She needed him, and

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